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  • Online Ordering made easier

    We've updated the order journeys on My BT Wholesale for Hosted Communications Service (HCS), Broadband and Ethernet.


    You can now use eChat to talk to an agent when placing or querying a Broadband Order.

    New A to Z Guide

    See our A to Z Guide for a quick overview of all of the improvements we've made.

    Our video

    You can see also a summary of the changes we've made in our new, short video.

  • Why are more and more service providers coming to us?

    Well. Obviously it’s because we provide world-class solutions, offer mouth-watering cost reductions and are the best at what we do. Just take a look at our Wholesale Hosted Communications, another example of what attracts people to us.

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  • Optimise your mobile network

    Powerful solutions to help Mobile Operators to take full
    advantage of 5G and other new technologies.

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  • Looking for something?

    We can save you time and effort with our search tool.
    Use it to find documents, web pages and any
    information you need on the topic of your choice.

    Easy to use. Easy to find.

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  • New high-quality headsets now available

    Jabra sound-enhancing headsets and speakerphones can now be a welcome addition to your voice portfolio.

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  • Protect your customers’ card payments

    Secure Payments protects card payments made over the phone, as no sensitive information can enter the contact centre system.

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  • Everything you need to node about Data Services in your area

    We're committed to constantly improve our services to you which is why we've been rolling out new nodes across the country. Try out our online tool and find out which of our Data Services are activated near you.

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  • Featured product


    Make new inroads into the rapidly growing data connectivity market with our Wholesale Ethernet solutions. We have a wide range of access options to suit businesses of any size.

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  • Featured product

    Fibre broadband

    Grow your business more quickly with superfast fibre broadband from BT Wholesale. It offers you the benefits of greater power, greater flexibility and greater efficiency.

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  • Featured product

    Hosted Contact Centres

    Discover the easy, low-cost route to a high-performance, multi-channel contact centre by taking advantage of the latest innovations and cutting-edge cloud technologies.

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  • Featured product

    IP Exchange

    Switch calls easily between next generation and legacy services. International voice traffic opens up new and profitable opportunities – which IP Exchange enables you to explore.

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  • Featured product

    Wholesale Hosted Centrex

    Increase business opportunities with a complete unified communications service that's flexible and affordable. Our next-generation technology takes you and your customers into the future, now.

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Help & Support

Find answers to common questions, view our online handbooks, access in-depth technical documentation, and more. Explore our wide range of support resources – from billing help and user manuals, through to best practice guides and the latest pricing updates.

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