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Partnership is a winner for new business

Our relationship with Exchange Communications is built on a solid foundation of trust and collaboration.

The challenge

 Delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of their growing customer base. 

The solution

Working closely with clients to get them up to speed with new technologies, which enables new ideas and offers to form. 

The results

Exchange Communications becoming one of the top businesses within BT Wholesale.

The challenge


The challenge


Tom Sime drives his team to deliver excellence in very competitive domestic and international markets. No matter where they go to bid for work, their reputation for high quality products and superlative customer care are key factors in the accounts they have succeeded in landing. That’s why a relationship with BT Wholesale matters. There’s no doubt that without BT Wholesale, Tom and his colleagues would offer the same type of product, but the difference in quality, delivery and sustainability would create issues. Exchange Communications need to meet the expectations of their customers at every step: from bid proposal to implementation and managing the client.


This level of trust is what makes our partnership so successful, and it has been achieved over many years of honest conversation. We value our customers trust and belief in us, and we can offer so much more when we’re more familiar with the business and their challenges. Our experience and expertise can turn a challenge into a benefit for both our customer and the customer’s customer.


But it’s more than that, especially when our work with Oxford NHS Health Trust is considered, as Tom explains, “It puts Exchange in a prime position to showcase the partnerships abilities to the Public Sector and promote the Exchange, BT Wholesale and Avaya partnership throughout the UK”.


It’s the strength of the relationship we have with Tom and his team that makes our partnership so productive and powerful. They will come to us as a trusted advisor around the products and services, especially around Avaya. For example, for a meeting with Oxford NHS Health Trust, on a joint partnership, they wanted us in the bid meeting. We were not only relevant to the meeting, but they had faith and trust in us to drive their vision for their client. The power of the brand is never more evident than in a partnership like this with Exchange Communications. It gives them a strength in negotiating, a sense of reliability and trust in the services they sell through us and engenders confidence in their customers. It’s not just our longevity and value of quality, but also that - in five years’ time - we give the customer confidence that their investment will still be around.


Exchange Communications are a leading cloud and digital transformation specialist, delivering telecom and smart building connectivity solutions to businesses in over 100 countries, worldwide. Focused on SMEs, mid market, local government and health sector clients, the challenge was to work with them across a range of their customers to deliver across a huge scale; from single office telephone systems to complex multi-site and call centre configurations and networked communications. 

Exchange Communications

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Organisation size

Medium (50 – 999 employees)


Customer business size

Small(6 - 50 employees)


Products and Services

Avaya - Hosted Communications Services

Training and tools

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“Our customers are relying on us to advise them on the best technologies and they trust BT Wholesale to advise us to get it right”

The solution


The solution



We work closely with our client. We help them to get up to speed with new technologies, and enable them to structure and build on new ideas while supporting them when presenting to potential new customers. The support that we give Exchange Communications isn’t an extra service. It’s simply because we go the extra mile for customers. We understand the value that BT Wholesale can bring not only in terms of product and technology, but also in the support we can offer our customers.


Being so hands-on means Exchange Communications’ clients also feel the difference and are confident in the knowledge that their business is partnered by BT Wholesale. While the value of our input to Exchange Communications is huge, there is a significant value for us too. We continue to develop and build our reputation across the industry, while also improving our products in line with customer insight and feedback to grow our business further. The Oxford NHS Health Trust contract bid highlights how hard we work for our partners. 


“BT Wholesale were in constant communication and assisted throughout the whole bid process including being fully engaged over the Christmas and New Year holiday week. They really contributed to the process with excellent cost incentives and providing billing flexibility”. 


Trust and transparency have been key to our relationship with Exchange Communications and the foundation of our true partnership. Throughout the bid process the team collaborated transparently on planning, pipeline, margin analysis and modified price model. 

Products and services used


Avaya - Hosted Communications Services 

From wholesale calls to IP exchange your customers will have access to the largest selection of voice services in the UK.


More about Avaya - Hosted Communications Services


Training and tools

Our sales tools and training services will enable you and your staff to sell more, increase revenue and grow your business.


More about Training and tools


The results

The results


Exchange Communications are a key Avaya channel partner. They are in the top two businesses within the BT Wholesale organisation as a result of building and growing the relationship founded on trust, transparency, honesty, listening and belief. Our role as a trusted advisor extends beyond Tom and his senior colleagues - to pre-sales and operational teams. As a result, we work together on their challenges and celebrate their successes like we would our own.


Tom sums up the relationship really well, “The strength of the partnership between Exchange Communications and BT Wholesale is evident and built on the firmest of foundations, our combined strengths and determination to win new business, whilst delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.”


“ There’s no limit to what you can achieve when your true partnership is as strong as ours.”

Tom Sime

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