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New go-live date for One Touch Switch

How it affects your residential customers

What is One Touch Switch?

Back in 2021, Ofcom announced its intention to bring in new “One Touch Switch” rules for telecom companies. Under these requirements, broadband and landline firms need to offer residential customers a simplified process for changing suppliers.


Ofcom’s research has shown that many consumers (41%) are put off switching due to the hassle of contacting more than one supplier. A similar number (43%) think it will take too long.


One Touch Switch (OTS) is designed to change that, offering customers a clear and consistent experience, regardless of which network providers are involved. OTS will be gaining-provider led (GPL), meaning the new supplier is responsible for making sure a requested switch happens. It will replace the existing GPL process (Notification of Transfer – NoT+) which works only between Openreach-based suppliers.

What is TOTSCo?

In June 2022, the telecoms industry set up The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo), a membership-owned not-for-profit organisation with a clear remit: to develop and operate the systems that will make One Touch Switch possible.


The result is the TOTSCo Hub, a messaging platform that will carry customer details and other relevant data between service providers.

When is this all happening?

TOTSCo has now announced 12 September 2024 for the industry-wide consumer launch.


To comply with the new regulations, all providers selling to consumers will need to connect with the TOTSCo Hub before then, either directly or via a Managed Access Provider (MAP).


As you know, this change is driven by Ofcom but affects the whole industry. It means that from 12 September, for BT Wholesale’s broadband products like Broadband One, minimum lead times will no longer be set at ten working days and switching could complete more quickly. Also, the “Cancel Other” function will be removed and, where appropriate, the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) liability will be removed.

What about business customers?

For business customers, the availability of the TOTSCo hub and launch date are still yet to be confirmed. Although it’s not mandatory to use the hub when selling to businesses, the switching process does have to be led by the gaining provider.


A process and implementation option, including use of the TOTSCo hub, are under discussion with industry representatives. In the meantime, Openreach-based providers serving business customers need to prepare for the removal of the NoT+ process (minimum lead times and “Cancel Other”) when OTS launches.

What are the next steps?

The TOTSCo website outlines 4 key steps to prepare for the consumer launch in September:


  1. Get ready: Read essential documents like the Hub User Guide, allocate time and resources, and set a realistic timeline to prepare for the OTS process.
  2. Connect: Connect directly to the TOTSCo Hub and start onboarding. Or you can get a Managed Access Provider (MAP) to assist.
  3. Onboard: Sign the TOTSco Hub user agreement.
  4. Test: There are three steps to our testing process, but this may vary if you're working with a managed access provider (MAP).


To find out more visit the TOTSCo website

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