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BT Wholesale launches powerful digital voice and broadband solutions for channel partners’ small business customers

  • BT Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC) Express delivers a digital phone line for small businesses ahead of PSTN being retired in 2025
  • New Broadband One solution offers fast, reliable full fibre speeds up to 1Gbps to support digital transformation


London, U.K. – 14 September 2021 - BT Wholesale today announced a new suite of digital solutions for channel partners to support their small business customers as they transition to a digital future. WHC Express and Broadband One delivers a powerful combination for small businesses, with access to a digital phone line, powered by ultrafast full-fibre broadband speeds to stay connected anytime, anywhere.


With an additional two million people working from home and remotely in the past 18 months, businesses need access to more flexible technology as they connect with their customers and colleagues when on the move. With WHC Express, channel partners can now offer a new digital phone line for their small business customers that will deliver digital calls over a broadband network, and will replace the analogue phone services which will be retired by 2025.


Designed for businesses with 1 – 10 employees, WHC Express provides the ultimate flexibility for users to make and receive calls on the same number - across their fixed and mobile devices - with the same call features across them all, such as voicemail, call divert, call transfer and call hold. The voice service is delivered and fully managed via the online portal, so users can always access the service no matter where they are. With so many small business employees working flexibly and relying on calls for sales opportunities and business growth, the option of a digital phone line gives them the reassurance that they needn’t miss a call.


To support WHC Express, BT Wholesale is also launching its new Broadband One solution, which delivers fast and reliable broadband options - including FTTP and SoGEA - on the UK’s most reliable network. Broadband One enables channel partners to offer small business customers nationwide coverage with low latency and ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gbps. BT’s team of 2, 000 experts provide the solution as an end-to-end managed service with no additional complexities or upfront costs, so partners can get their small business customers up and running instantly. BT Wholesale has also made access, set-up and management easier than ever, with a self-service portal to install, upgrade and manage orders for customers.


The launch of Broadband One for Wholesale customers aligns to BT Group’s broader full fibre plans to reach 25 million premises in the UK by 2026. With internet traffic set to almost triple within 12 months, smaller firms need this additional connectivity to manage the demands on their network, prompted by the continued trend towards hybrid and remote work, video calls and conferencing, and the Internet of Things.


“When we talk about a digital future, it’s tempting to think of it as a far-off date. But the reality is that it’s happening now. Businesses of every size need to find a new way to connect when analogue lines are phased out by 2025, and yet there’s still a staggering number of small businesses in the UK who are still using legacy lines,” says Gavin Jones, Channel Sales Director, BT Wholesale.


“With our digital capabilities like BT WHC Express and Broadband One, channel partners can now offer their small business customers a winning voice and broadband combination to help them prepare for an all-IP world well ahead of that deadline. And we’ve made it easier for channel partners than ever before, by offering two powerful solutions from one trusted provider and access to over 2, 000 service experts – all delivered on the number one network that the UK relies on.”


BT Wholesale is Europe’s largest wholesale telecoms provider with an unparalleled portfolio. It’s team of Wholesale experts are dedicated to delivering the best solutions, managed services and customer support for channel partners and their customers; all underpinned by BT’s leading award winning, 24/7 monitored network.


WHC Express and Broadband One is available now for channel partners. For more information, please see here

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