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Upskilling your team to help increase revenue

A cornerstone of delivering greater services to you is helping your teams upskill. In turn, they will have more knowledge of solutions and pain points, which will help to increase your revenue. 


Our recent research in partnership with Cisco found that over 90% of channel respondents agreed that transformation is back on the agenda. They confirmed that customers are taking a more strategic, long term, approach to their digital investments and that savings and efficiencies are vital today – and teams need to be a part of this. It’s clear that having an empowered, well-trained team is at the heart of every successful business and we want to be there to help your teams grow with our new partner programme.

This was a central theme we wanted to implement when we created our new partner programme, Partner Plus. 


We are developing a new Partner Plus Hub to be at the foundation of this, and it will enable our partners to make the most of our experience and the possibilities within our portfolio and use a range of tools and resources to upskill their teams.


Helping our partners businesses grow 

We’ve invested heavily in online tools and training, so that we can help your teams to become expert advocates and beacons of best practice in the communications market. Our businesses thrive on people and we want our partners to have the very best in the business.

Within the Hub will be a powerful learning and management solution to help our partners make the sale and upskill teams by leveraging our experience and the possibilities within our portfolio. We’ve identified the key areas we can support partners, and broken it down into these core elements:


  • Knowledge base – This is a central repository for all our product information and insights written by experts to provide guidance on our portfolio propositions and the operational processes for them. By arming our partners teams with this information, they will be able to expertly understand our propositions and communicate their benefits effectively with their customers, to make the sales process as seamless as possible.
  • Wholesale Learning – Its purpose is to be an engaging and intuitive digital learning experience that’s personalised and aligned to your specialisms. This free training will empower your employees to better serve customers and expand their knowledge to upskill them.
  • Partner Events – We will also be hosting partner summits, with an aim to inspire and form a wider community within our partners.
  • Partner Advisory Council – The council will provide the all-important feedback loop and ensure we are constantly providing content and opportunities that continue to benefit our partners and their teams.


By proactively providing your teams with access to great learning opportunities at their fingertips, we hope to support your in your transformation journey.


Both current BT Wholesale customers, and the wider reseller community can benefit from Partner Plus. Joining is easy, just enter your details at to sign up.

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