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The race to all-IP: Going for gold with the right solutions

Preparation is key to digital transformation  

A lot of parallels can be drawn between preparing for the 2027 PSTN and ISDN switch off, and how athletes prepare for competitions. 


Top athletes understand the importance of preparation. During the cold winter months, the best sports stars are training hard for the biggest competitions in the world. Away from the cameras they are pushing their bodies to the limits, challenging themselves physically and mentally to succeed in the future. Preparation is key to winning the race. This is no different to getting ready for digital transformation.


As reported in BT’s recent whitepaper, hybrid working is here to stay and businesses of all sizes need to be prepared. It found that 85% of business executives want a better way of integrating different collaboration tools and 70% of IT decision-makers say investing in collaboration technology is currently a top three priority for their organisation.


As we look ahead to the 2027 PSTN and ISDN switch-off, we want to offer the right products and solutions to support our partners and their customers. For both partners and small businesses, taking the leap and laying the groundwork for future all-IP needs to be simple, flexible and reliable.


That’s why we’ve combined two powerful solutions – Broadband One and WHC Express – to give the ultimate in control and flexibility, ready for an all-IP world.


Combining the strength and reliability of all-IP connectivity and voice

Combining the power of ultrafast broadband and a digital phone line, we are enabling our partners to offer their small business customers the tools needed to stay connected, all through a single supplier for voice, broadband, equipment and more at a price point that works for them. You’ll become their supplier of choice and build a relationship that lasts.


Broadband One is our new managed service designed to meet increasing bandwidth demands. Choose from a range of connectivity options, including SoGEA and FTTP, with ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gbps. It’s a future-ready solution built on the network the UK relies on. Your customers can do more with broadband that won’t let them down. Our network provides the highest levels of resilience and is the only one in the UK offering 99.999% availability. Plus, we’re building extra capacity into our network now, so your customers need not worry about bandwidth demands increasing in the future.


WHC Express has been built to enable our partners to service small business owners and give them digital calls ahead of the 2027 switchover. As more than 75% of businesses are single person enterprises and almost 96% have fewer than 10 employees, it’s a great opportunity for partners to extend their reach and grow their revenue. Using VoIP technology, customers can make and take calls over their broadband network and is a great starting point in their digital transformation journey. We’ve made it as easy as possible for our partners so they can plug our new APIs into their business system to make ordering in volume even quicker.


Working together

What’s more, our Partner Plus programme is giving partners additional support and data insights on customers that are ready to upgrade in areas of the country. By increasing visibility and using rich insights, we’re empowering partners to help customers transition to an all-IP future and start on their digital transformation journey. With the 2027 switch off fast approaching, we want our partners and their customers to have a winning mentality and go for gold with the right solutions.


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