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Get to know Phil Toms:
Senior Manager of Sales – South, BT Wholesale

We’re proud of our people. The BT Wholesale team is composed of a range of incredible individuals who all contribute to making it such a unique and exciting place to work.

We spoke to Phil Toms, Senior Manager of Sales – South at BT Wholesale, to find out about his role, what he enjoys outside of work, and to help you put a face to a name.

What do you do at BT?

“I’m the Senior Manager of Sales in the South at BT Wholesale. My responsibility is to lead our channel community and ultimately increase company-wide growth for both BT and our channel partners.

“I’ve been working in the channel for a long time. One of the biggest tricks that is often missed occurs when you look at routes to market and the sales cycle of the channel. Specifically, providing a solution to channel partners that fits perfectly with their strategy. Building effective working relationships with colleagues, customers, and suppliers enables the candid sharing of information. This aligns us with our partners, which increases wallet share for both. Simply put, my role is to lead my team to oversee this alignment and ensure that we’re delivering the best solutions and adding value.

“What’s more, the sales journey is changing with the acceleration of digital transformation. My role is to not only ensure our products are up to date, but that our team’s sales techniques evolve too. In the past, end-users would potentially find their solution from multiple providers, whereas now they look to us to be a one-stop shop. This means it’s a very exciting time to be selling in the channel.”


What is the best thing about your job?

“This has certainly changed over the years. If I’m honest, it used to be about financial gain and ensuring that sales targets were met. As I’ve matured over the years, the real value in my job is overseeing the success of people in my team. From those who may have transitioned through the apprenticeship scheme, which has recently been shortlisted for two awards, to Account Managers and Directors. I’m proud to work with such exceptional individuals at BT Wholesale and watch their journeys.

“The channel is a very unique place to sell. Whether it’s the diverse array of products and solutions or the vertical market that channel partners operate in, every single opportunity requires an adaptable and knowledgeable team. It’s important that my team steps up to provide service management that not only delivers what customers want now, but are also going to need in the future. Therefore  offering a truly bespoke portfolio for each partner.

“Whether a member of my team creates a line strategy with a channel partner that results in net growth, learns a new skill, or develops market knowledge, overseeing the adaptability and capability of our team is one of the best things about my job.”


What do you do outside of work?

“I love golf. When I first started, I wasn’t the best and I’m not sure I am now, but I kept getting invited to multiple networking events and now I can call many of the other players my lifelong friends in the industry. It’s not only a good hobby, but it’s good for the mind, and for business too. It goes hand-in-hand with the importance of building relationships to ensure that we are truly aligned with our channel partners’ needs.

“I also love to walk the dogs in the countryside, which is great for clearing your mind too.”

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