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Get to know Christopher Wellbelove DL:

Senior Marketing Consultant, Partner Plus at BT Wholesale

In this ‘Get to know’ blog, we speak to Christopher Wellbelove DL, Senior Marketing Consultant, Partner Plus at BT Wholesale. We find out what Christopher does at BT to support our partners, and his role as Deputy Lieutenant for Lambeth - supporting communities across London.

What do you do at BT?

“As Senior Marketing Consultant for Partner Plus, I support partners in developing their marketing activities. 

There are two elements to what I do. The first is promoting and building our Partner Plus programme

This programme comprises three tiers – Partner, Premium and Elite – each offering varying benefits, and allowing us to work more closely with our partners. 

One of the most requested partner benefits is using the BT Wholesale brand in marketing communications. More than 70% of partners have asked for this, and those eligible following training can now use our brand while building their own identity. 

The other side of my role, alongside developing and promoting the programme itself, is being a marketing consultant to our partners. 

I use my 26 years’ experience in marketing with BT, from branding to delivering public sector campaigns for local authorities, to help partners both improve and explore new promotional activities.” 

What's the best thing about your job?

“I love that no two days are the same. All our partners are different - from sole traders to large organisations, some specialising in sectors, others region-specific. And they’re all constantly evolving. 

I also enjoy this role because it's about people. The wholesale market is all about relationships; the growing success of our Partner Plus programme is evidence of that, and the power of word-of-mouth marketing. 

One of my favourite parts of the job is planning and hosting Partner Plus Live. I love being out on stage presenting these in-person events, which have had amazing feedback from our partners.”

What do you do outside of work?

“After serving as an elected councillor for 16 years, including proudly representing the London Borough of Lambeth twice as Mayor, I’m now serving the community as Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Lambeth

As Deputy Lieutenant I develop partnerships between individuals and organisations to work together effectively. It’s an apolitical role, which is important as I work across parties to fulfil the ambitions of Lieutenancy. 

It’s all about reaching different community groups and building bridges by making connections, and making sure no one feels left out. 

From always being on the lookout for funding opportunities, to helping charities and public sector bodies work and grow together, my aim is to promote community cohesion - which is where my marketing experience comes in. 

In the past, I was told ‘you’re the busiest mayor in history’. I don’t think that’s the case, but I did grow awareness and gain exposure on social media for every event and organisation with which I was involved. Understanding the value of modern marketing methods is equally important in my role at BT, and I’m always keen to share my knowledge and experiences with partners. 

I’m also a board member at Water St Johns Charity, helping people out of poverty through education and work, and founder of Mixed Heritage Day - celebrating the achievements of people of mixed heritage, and providing support for, and raising awareness of, issues this community faces. 

It’s not all work though. I’m also a massive fan of Pokémon GO. I’m on level 48 out of 50 - so nearly there!”

To find out more about Partner Plus, speak with your account manager or visit the BT Wholesale site.

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