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High bandwidth solutions

Turbo boost your customers’ bandwidth

Go faster with High Bandwidth

Increasingly, your customers will need higher bandwidths for cloud services. For more flexible connections. For big data and analytics. For stronger network security. In short, for digital transformation.

And we’ve got the right products ready and waiting. We’ve built up our High Bandwidth portfolio so that it now includes new Ethernet 10Gb options, with faster delivery times and increased resilience, as well as Wholesale Optical, for up to 200Gb. So now you can enjoy more revenues, more rapidly.

New opportunities for both you and your customers


Our High Bandwidth solutions will make life easier for your customers (and more profitable for you) as they seek to transform their businesses.


Go faster, go further, go bigger

We offer the biggest choice of 10Gb Ethernet solutions and the widest range of access products. So you can meet the demand for higher bandwidths, giving your customers even faster, more flexible and more resilient connectivity. 


Meanwhile, our overall 10Gb capacity has been pre-built for quicker delivery. Order forms are now online on Business Zone; and we’ve slashed data centre connectivity lead times from 120 to just three working days.

And we’re making sure that more and more places have 10Gb, with 80% more access nodes delivered in the last 12 months alone. Many more are planned for the next 12 months. 


And if your customers need even higher bandwidth, don’t forget Wholesale Optical, which gives up to 200Gb.

Great offers on Etherflow

Now’s the best time to sell high bandwidth Ethernet. We have some great Etherflow offers available, but only for a limited time. So don’t miss out.

To find out more, contact your account manager or get in touch here.

Terms and conditions apply.

Greater choice. Greater flexibility. Greater coverage.

Benefits for you and your customers

Solutions for every need


Solutions for every need

There’s more network traffic than ever, with demand for bandwidth growing all the time. 61% of telecom firms see digital transformation as a priority for their customers. With our range of high bandwidth solutions, you can give your customers the ideal path for achieving this aim. 

A faster delivery


A faster delivery

Our faster ordering and delivery means that you can meet your customers’ needs quickly and easily – bringing faster revenues for you.

Extensive reach


Extensive reach 

We’ve achieved end-to-end nationwide connectivity with our High Bandwidth solutions and we’re continuing to expand the coverage they provide.

Great resilience


Great resilience

Business-critical applications are underpinned by strong resilience. Our range of market-leading options provide outstanding levels of resilience.

Ultimate flexibility


Ultimate flexibility

Your customers can flex their bandwidth up or down whenever they need - they only pay for what they use.

Prepared for the future


Prepared for the future

As businesses of all sizes embark on digital transformation, our high bandwidth products will help to future-proof their connectivity. 

Why us?

Unrivalled choice for your customers

We offer the UK’s largest range of Ethernet access technology solutions, giving your customers unrivalled choice.

Complete dependability

Our 10Gb capacity is pre-built, so our delivery is much faster than our competitors. And we have the widest range of  protected and diverse resilience options in the market.

A network you can rely on

With 99.999% availability, more organisations (including some of the UK’s most critical services – emergency, security and national health) rely on our network than any other.

A network you can rely on

With 99.999% availability, more organisations - including some of the UK’s most critical services – emergency, security and national health - rely on our network than any other.

Investing for the future

We invest so that we’re prepared to meet higher bandwidth demand before it happens. In 2019/20, we invested £100m in our Ethernet network alone.

Ethernet interactive guide

Find out how our Wholesale Ethernet portfolio is helping to drive digital transformation.

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See our unrivalled range of high bandwidth options, developed to meet your customers’ needs.



Quick-fire facts about the key benefits of our high bandwidth solutions.


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