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The Ethernet section of the BT Wholesale Pricing Tool provides several ways of obtaining quotes across most variants of the Ethernet portfolio for both access types (Etherway) and Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) bandwidths (Etherflow) and for E-Line and E-LAN arrangements.

The Pricing Tool provides fast and effective, simple step-by-step choices that allow you to refine your quotes to meet your specific needs through Single or Quote Builder options, along with a high volume bulk quote capability that will deliver your prices in seconds.

This handy A to Z guide provides you with a quick insight into many of the fascinating facets of the most recent version (v5) of our Pricing Tool. Please browse through it at your leisure or use it as a reference guide if you need information about any specific details.

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  • Ethernet pricing tool A to Z

    A to Z guide provides you with a quick insight into many of the fascinating facets of our Pricing Tool.

    14/01/2021 pdf - 1.88 MB
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