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Colocation Services

Secure, resilient and cost-effective datacentres when and where you need them

Colocation Services gives you all the benefits of an off-site datacentre, while keeping you in the driving seat. Your IT and communications equipment are located in one of our secure exchange buildings, but you retain full control and access. 


It’s convenient, secure and you won’t have to worry about running out of space as your business grows. Plus Colocation Services is aligned with our core network. It gives you access to local fibre WAN connectivity and reduces overall service latency, by colocating within the same buildings hosting the telecoms transmission networks. 

Stay local

With more than 5,000 locations across the UK, your facility can be located within easy reach. So there’s no need to drive long distances to access your hardware. 

Ultimate control

Taking your datacentre off-site doesn’t mean you have to give up control. As well as being able to design your own build, you get full access to your datacentre, 24/7, 365 days a year.

There’s room to grow

Whether you need two racks or 200, we can help. And if you need to scale up, you can, without having to worry about where your new servers will go.

Round-the-clock protection

As well as 24/7 physical security and fire protection, we offer network security to keep your business-critical data safe from cyber-attacks. 

Peace of mind

Your servers are protected by uninterruptible power supplies and on-site generators, offering you exceptional resilience at all times.

Environmentally friendly

As well as running on 100% renewable energy, we provide managed decommissioning services. We dispose of old, unwanted hardware safely and securely. 

How can Colocation Services help your business?

  • Save space on your own premises, avoiding the challenges of on-site datacentre
  • Locate your datacentre close to you or your customers.
  • Lower your data hosting, maintenance and travel costs.
  • Use off-site hosting to build a reliable disaster recovery solution.
  • Significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Solutions built to your needs

Colocation Services offers bespoke solutions, tailored to the needs of your business. These are built on three core package types:

A network you can rely on

With 99.999% availability, more organisations - including some of the UK’s most critical services – emergency, security and national health - rely on our network than any other.

Two engineers looking at a tablet in a server room.

Full datacentre

Get the full datacentre experience, up to 200 racks.

Two engineers in a server room, looking at a laptop.

High density

A ‘datacentre in a box’, using high-powered, liquid-cooled racks. 

Datacentre technician examining an open server rack.

Single racks

Start off small with one or more single racks. 

Download our datasheet

Discover the features and benefits of Colocation Services. And find out how it can help your business to grow.


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