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Moving forward with digitisation

Digitisation will be a priority for most of your customers in 2016. With BT Wholesale’s range of solutions, you’ll be ready to help them on their journey.

Industry analyst Gartner has been analysing the top ten strategic Technology Priorities for enterprises in 2016, having sought the opinions of nearly 3,000 CIOs. The priorities are:

          1. Business Intelligence/Analytics
          2. Cloud
          3. Mobile
          4. Digitisation/Digital Marketing
          5. Infrastructure and Data Centre
          6. ERP
          7. Security
          8. Industry Specific Applications
          9. CRM
        10. Networking/Voice/Data Communications

BT Wholesale’s products and services are closely aligned with these objectives. The top four topics show a continuing emphasis on various aspects of digitisation. Gartner describes this as a core competency and says: “…enterprises must fully grasp and exploit the effects of platforms on every aspect of their businesses — or risk losing great talent and valuable customers.”

The remaining trends underline the importance of a powerful architecture and digital platform that will support digitisation, along with the need to maintain a vital focus on relationships and interconnections.

In every one of these areas, we can make a real difference by providing a wealth of solutions that are designed to enhance communication, collaboration and connectivity in the digital world – providing faster and simpler ways of accessing and sharing information. These include Hosted Communication Services that are based around the Cloud; data and IP connectivity services that are fast and secure; next-generation voice services; and versatile managed network services.

So, if your enterprise’s New Year’s resolution is to enable your customers to make significant progress in digitisation - as well as in areas such as networking or voice and data communications - come and talk to us. We can open up some exciting new opportunities that will help you to help them to make great strides forward on their journey.

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