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Ethernet Advanced empowered by EMP - a faster, more efficient delivery platform for Ethernet

Discover EMP, which streamlines Ethernet deliveries – whilst also keeping you better informed.

BT Wholesale has begun moving all its Ethernet deliveries from our legacy platform to the new strategic Equivalence Management Platform (EMP). Extensive trials with customers and Openreach show that EMP out-performs the old platform across all of our Keeping the Customer Informed (KCI) milestones.

The change to EMP also enables us to provide a clearer KCI structure:

Table 1: New KCI structure


Legacy KCI number

Equivalent EMP KCI number



N/A N/A  Auto Acknowledgement received automatically from eCo Plus, following order submission confirming the ETHA references
By Day 2 1 Confirmation of ONEA reference
By Day 10 2 1.1 Advised of whether any ECC charges will be applicable
By Day 16 3 1.2 Confirmation of ECC charges and overall completion date for Etherway (CCD*)
By Day 16 or following authorisation of any additional ECCs identified between KCI1.1 and 1.2
N/A 2 Confirmation of ECC charges and overall completion date for Etherway (CCD). "This will arrive straight after the KCI1.2 unless additional ECCs have been identified and require authorisation by the customer."
N/A 4-6 N/A KCI points 4,5 and 6 do not currently exist
On completion of Etherway 7 3 Completion notification, including the service handover documentation and relevant configuration details. Please note that this service won't work until you've received notification that the associated Etherflow has completed, which can take up to another 24 hours.

Making the transition

There will be a controlled and phased transition to EMP. We’ll also start to migrate our customers’ existing install base. We’ll work directly with your designated Customer Service person, who’ll be responsible for:

  • identifying your existing circuits and ensuring that there are no current open orders against them
  • acting as the single point of contact during the migration - up to 14 days - during which circuits are locked down and no orders can be raised against them (i.e. cease/modify etc.).

Once the migration is complete, you can raise further orders if necessary. Any orders failing the migration will be managed on an individual basis.

In turn, we’ll ensure that:

  • the transition to EMP is as smooth as possible
  • we have dedicated support from our supplier (Openreach) so that any issues can be identified and dealt with swiftly
  • we control the overall programme so that you’ll receive industry-leading delivery of all your Ethernet needs on this new platform in the future.

Key benefits for us (which also help you)

  • More control - EMP gives us greater control over our supplier and enables us to manage our operational resources more efficiently – so that we can keep you up to date with the progress of your delivery
  • Better communication -we’ll be able to standardise and automate our communications with you, so that we can give you near real-time updates on the progress of your Ethernet delivery
  • Increased order differentiation - we’ll also be able to differentiate orders more effectively. This will enable us to set more realistic expectations for delivery times, in line with the challenges involved in planning and installing your bespoke circuit.

Key benefits for you

  • Faster processes - EMP’s stronger workflow control eliminates the latency in the old processes, leading to speedier delivery. EMP also provides quicker order validation (under an hour compared with two days on the legacy system); improved lead times; and increased certainty of delivery, enabling you to plan more effectively (see Table 2)
  • Greater efficiency - with more and more orders being placed for Ethernet, our new platform will enable you to build more efficient automated systems for interacting with us (e.g. through the new Ethernet B2B Gateway and Business Zone)
  • Better Integration - our investment in a fully automated B2B capability with our supplier will make it easier for you to integrate the information we provide into your CRM and order management systems.

Table 2: Enhancement to delivery times




Legacy Performance (rolling six week average)

EMP Performance (rolling six week average)


Delivery Performance

MTTP** is better than or equal to legacy
MTTP v Legacy (days)
  Final Customer CCD** success is equal to or better than legacy
CCD success rate (%)

**Mean Time To Provide

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