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SPHUR is changing

New look. Same functionality.

We’re streamlining the way we do business. We’re making it easier for you. And that means we have to change some things. This time round we’re re-platforming the existing SPHUR system. This will bring a range of new benefits and enhance the existing capabilities already offered to our Wholesale Calls customers.

Key features for SPHUR customers

Access. SPHUR will now be accessed via as opposed to iDesk. Please make sure you have a registered account then log into the SPHUR App from there.

Please note, after 30 June 2016 access to the legacy SPHUR system will be discontinued so when that date comes around you can dispose of your existing iDesk fobs.

Call data. You will receive a single priced feed every two hours, each day. This will provide cumulative spend for all end customers.

Break down call categories. There is greater granularity of call categories, with six new ones on the new version of SPHUR.

1. Premium Rate Services (09x)

2. 08

3. Geographic (01x, 02x)

4. International (00x)

5. Mobile (07x)

6. Mobile pager (076x)

7. PNS (070X)

8. Special Services (087x)

9. DQ (118X)

10. 03

11. Op Connected (calls to or from the Operator)

12. Misc. (all else).

This has been done on request by several Service Providers as it helps them to decide if call activity is suspicious or related to potential debt.

Helpdesk. The existing helpdesk contact point (0870 850 2763 and will be migrating to the BT Wholesale Calls SMC team using the existing contact details.

And for SPHUR LITE customers

If you’re using our SPHUR LITE service, you will benefit from the same access, break down categories and helpdesk. However the main difference is:

Alert emails (call data). These will be issued the same day at approximately 10am, 2pm, 8pm and 10pm. Across the day, alerts will depict the cumulative in-day spend of all end customers that have surpassed either rule threshold.

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