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We’re facing unprecedented challenges as the coronavirus is spreading and its impact is changing on a daily basis. Businesses around the globe are under pressure to limit travel or increase the need for remote working. They’re left trying to figure out how to keep operations up and running during the outbreak.

This is where technology can make a crucial difference.


Challenges our customers are coming to us with

How do I … 

  • keep my business functional while my workforce is scattered?
  • allow a big increase in my workforce to work from home?
  • set up remote or home working in a matter of days?
  • stay operational in a virtual world?
  • keep an employee productive if they have to go through a period of self-isolation?
  • keep my employees productive if we need to close a site temporarily due to a confirmed case of coronavirus?


How we’re supporting you

Free WHC Foundation Licence

We’re offering support to all our wholesale resellers, helping you to keep your customers’ businesses running by making sure they can continue to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers all over the country.


Available now is a free Wholesale Hosted Communications(WHC) Foundation Licence (including UC add ons) between now and the 30th September 2020.


We’re also offering new WHC resellers free customer establishment for WHC.

Adding more to our support package

To give you greater flexibility when you need it most, you can now reduce monthly rental charges between April and June 2020 for your customers and sites on WHC.



You can also boost your capacity with free SIP channels. And choose special offers on our SIP mobile licences to allow UC smartphone and UC tablet app access for remote working.


£0 charge on modifying Etherflows


Did you know, we’re also helping you deliver the best bandwidth to your customers, essential during these troubling times.


For three months, we’re waiving the charge for modifying Etherflows to give you greater flexibility and help your customers.

What is the WHC Foundation Licence?

The WHC Foundation Licence helps you to support your customers who are working from home over the coming months with an easy to set-up remote telephony solution.

Customers are able to take a UC add-on licence which gives them access to a smartphone, desktop or tablet app so they can make and receive calls from home easily. 

The benefits of WHC Foundation

  • New simpler feature pack licence addition to WHC portfolio
  • Lower entry point to the WHC portfolio
  • Mix with other licences for larger customers to improve competitiveness
  • Quick and simple setup for home working telephony
  • Cross platform capability for smartphones, tablets or PCs
  • Simple upgrade options for advanced features

Plus a variety of optional extras we can offer to you in addition.

Upgrade path

The foundation licence helps you to:

  • better target remote workers with simple functional needs
  • have a lower entry price point to WHC portfolio
  • offer a mix of inclusive and add-on functions to suit customer
  • easily add on additional features to better respond to your customers’ requests.


How this may work with your customers

Simple to order and configure

The WHC Foundation Licence is slotted into the Centrex Business Zone Order Journey, providing automated near-real-time order activation. And you’ll be able to manage and configure features from within the Business Portal.

Speak to your Account Manager to order your licence and for help getting up and running as quickly as possible. We’re also happy to help you with training support from our specialist teams (email us at to get this deployed quickly.


When can I take advantage of this offer?

Our remote working bespoke solution will run from now until 30 September 2020. To take advantage of this offer you must agree to our terms and conditions below.

Once the offer has ended, the licences and add-ons will be billed as per the rate card.

Terms and conditions apply – for more details please download and read.

Need more information and help?

Contact your account manager or email us at

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