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Solutions that ensure business success

Investigating connectivity concerns

You can take another look at our Connectivity and Collaboration page where we identify key connectivity concerns your customers face and how you can help. Click here to find out more.

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Proven solutions

We've got clear evidence that our solutions are reliable and can improve efficiency.

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Cloud power

Our flexible, cloud-based portfolio has the ideal services you’ve been searching for.

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Big name

With our reputation you can rest assured that we will help your customers to success.

Why did we focus on business continuity?

We realise that selling services to your customers is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s imperative that you can retain their services and help their business evolve. By helping their business to grow and preparing them to meet any workplace challenges, you are then able to cross-sell services, retain loyal customers and solidify your position as a top supplier.

A reminder of the top solutions focusing on customer issues

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Technology that lasts

Customers want to see a return on investment. So you need to offer them a solution that costs less yet improves their business efficiency. 

Our fibre solution Wholesale Broadband Connect can improve efficiency and is more reliable than other broadband solutions.

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Customer experience is king

As one of the largest wholesale telecoms provider we know a thing about communications and we know that a great customer experience is essential. Helping your customers improve on this will yield superb results.

Our Inbound Services can help you build new revenue streams with no major up-front investment.

Our network can handle over 1,600 calls per second and services can be scaled up and down to match your customer’s demand.

With a range of cross-selling opportunities and competitive rates for your customer, this is the ideal customer experience enhancer for you both.

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Scalable when needed

Our Hosted Communications Services are the ultimate scalable solutions which make them perfect to meet any issues your customer has.

Wholesale Hosted Centrex can take your customers to the cloud, is simple to use and can be tailored to their needs.

Huge cost savings are also available with cheaper mobile and international numbers and free calls to users of the service.

Find your connectivity solution

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Discover new selling opportunities and move to next-generation voice, easily.

Contactless payments

Offer your customers full flexibility and competitive rates.

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Combine the power of the cloud with excellent call centre innovation.

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Customisable, fast and cost-effective broadband.

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