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A bigger footprint for Ethernet and Optical

Going on-net in data centres nationwide

We've started an exciting expansion programme based around the UK’s major data centres and other key locations. This will bring our Wholesale Ethernet and Optical infrastructure on-net for BT network connectivity services.

The services supported by this new capability include:

  • 10Mb/s to 100Gb/s high-performance, high-resilience and low latency connectivity from customer sites to the data centres. This will provide access to cloud services, storage, hosted communications etc.
  • Connectivity between UK data centres. This will provide storage and back-ups, cloud services, etc. and will also enable data centre providers to add connectivity services to their portfolio
  • End-to-end service management and monitoring of our Ethernet and Optical connectivity services.

Key benefits for you

General benefits include:

  • Faster delivery of connectivity services
  • More cost-effective network connectivity
  • Better service resilience.

If you’re a reseller, you can:

  • Use the connectivity between your sites and UK data centres that offer cloud and hosted services to enhance your services to your customers
  • Provide connectivity services (hosted at UK data centres) to your enterprise customers who need to access services in the cloud. 

And if you’re a data centre or cloud service provider, you can:

  • Add high-performance, high-resilience and secure connectivity to your portfolio - including to other data centres and your customers’ sites - to deliver cloud, hosted and other services.

Learn more

Download the latest list of our on-net data centres .

Find out more about what our Data Services could do for you:

-          Explore the capabilities of our Data Centres .

-          Discover high-bandwidth connectivity with our Wholesale Ethernet solutions .

-          Respond rapidly to changing bandwidth needs with Wholesale Optical .

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  • White Label Hosted Centrex CFO Paper

    A white labelled paper designed to help you talk to CFO's about the cost savings available to them if they invest in Hosted Centrex.

    12/04/2019 - New pptx - 111 KB
  • Infographic

    Download our infographic and find out how Wholesale Hosted Centrex can benefit you and your customers.

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