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Connect. Collaborate. And succeed.

A look back at the importance of connectivity

Your customers are looking to you to provide them with the best connectivity solutions. They need to meet workplace demands, keep up with competition and to do this they need to embrace faster broadband and take the step to unified communications. This is something you can help with when you utilise BT Wholesale's solutions as we can help you work closer with your customers, build better relationships and give them solutions that really count.

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Our services can help you extend your customer relationships and tackle their needs head on.

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Our wide range of connectivity options are ideal to meet your customer’s communication challenges.

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Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you have a reliable, world-leading supplier on your side.

Customer issues and solutions that help

Working from home.

Improving the customer experience

Customers fear losing face if their speeds aren’t up to scratch and their customer satisfaction falters.

With our high-speed, reliable Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and Ethernet over fibre (GEA), you can deliver ultra-fast, affordable connectivity over our 21CN backhaul network, making sure their customer experience can only improve.

Our Wholesale Ethernet products can also help you take advantage of cloud and data services which in turn can enhance the customer experience, such as our Hosted Contact Centres.

Working from home.

Workplace collaboration

This needs to be improved between sites and across the office.

An ideal data connectivity solution would be Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) – a solution which offers high-speed, high-performance Broadband services across the country.

We offer more access options than any other UK network provider, including copper, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

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Converged communications

Your customers want to buy their data, voice and mobile from one supplier and ideally in one solution. 

Wholesale SIP Trunking is ideal for your PBX clients while Wholesale Hosted Centrex will deliver cost-reduction and mobile collaboration.

You can also tie in these solutions with our broadband and Ethernet offerings.

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Bring Your Own Device policy

This means that cross-functionality over platforms, handsets and devices is needed. 

Wholesale SIP Trunking has been tested with leading PBX vendors to meet this demand, just like our Wholesale Hosted Centrex solution, which has been tested with most common global handsets.

Ready-made material

To help you communicate the key issues your customers may face and how your solutions can help, we created a wide range of useful material for you.

Scroll down to our Resources for you section to find all our ready-made emails and presentations on each topic. You can easily download them, add your own company logo and any additional information and send direct to your customers. Filled with facts and insights into the current business themes, use them instantly to get the ball rolling.

Find your connectivity solution

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Discover the UK’s greatest range of access options and find out more about our EFM and GEA solutions.

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Take your broadband offering to the next level with our tailor-made services.

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See how you can open up new revenue streams as you take your customers to unified communications.

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Learn how you can improve customer experience and satisfy your PBX customers.

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