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The right type of disruption at Comms Vision

This year, Alex Tempest was on hand to talk about how we’re making a difference, causing disruption in the market and putting our customers front and centre.

The march to Digital Britain

Making a difference

Digital Britain is the term on everyone’s lips at the moment. So what better place to address this than at Comms Vision? Which is exactly what we did. With managing director Alex Tempest as the first interviewee of the day, she spoke about how we’re transforming, both internally and externally, with a focus on simplicity, flexibility and making a difference to how we work with you. Alex said,

We want to maintain and build our industry leading credentials whilst challenging the status quo. The dynamics have definitely changed here. There’s a different level of engagement, with new management, ​executing a new strategy that I believe in.

Addressing the main trends impacting the channel

In every day life, “we’re totally reliant on connectivity and data to drive our lives”. And it’s this that Alex sees as the key challenge and opportunity within our market. Here’s a brief summary of what we see as the main trends in the market. 

Disruption. To say a lot is going on in the market is an understatement. We’ve seen millions invested into the telecoms market. We’ve seen customers growing in scale and creating more competition. And the growth of IP traffic, broadband speeds and the digital evolution to an all-IP world means there’s a lot of change which we need to be prepared for. 

Reduction. There’s a drive to lower costs and support growth in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, helping improve productivity, efficiency and scalability along the way. 

Innovation. The growth and revenue potential of IoT is considerable and can’t be ignored.

Consumption. With data consumption increasing and IP traffic growing over the next five years, there will be a demand for cloud services and virtualisation. And as security threats continue to grow, so will our demand for greater security.

Changing the way we work with our customers

We want to become the most customer centric player in the market.

Comms Vision was just one example of how we’re getting closer to our Wholesale customers, listening to what they want and need and more importantly, acting on it.

We spoke about the need for our partners to start gearing up now for 2025 – it may be several years away but it’ll be here before we know it. The advice we’re giving to the market is simple:

Start planning the journey now - we're here to support you

We’re totally committed to proactively supporting our partners to help them with their IP transformation journey. We’ve redefined our product portfolio, run roadmap sessions and introduced a unique fraud management system. Along with all these, we’ve put a lot of support into training and developing our resellers to be IP-ready, aiding them in their migration from legacy services. One of our key boardroom sessions at Gleneagles was in fact covering IP convergence and communication in an all-IP world.

The future

5G will be fundamental to driving the network of the future

As society relies on super fast mobile connectivity, we need to focus on improving availability and meeting the demand for data consumption. The future lies in network innovation which is why we’ve already begun our 5G trials in Canary Wharf and continue to research, develop and innovate network convergence. IoT, M2M, automation and every-device connectivity will be part of the communication revolution and we’re helping our customers prepare for it by doing the leg work. And we’re only ever a phone call away if you need help on defining your strategy as we march towards Digital Britain.

Catch up on Comms Vision

Watch Alex’s interview with Nigel Sergent for a real eye-opening insight into what we’ve got planned in the march to Digital Britain. 

You can also download the presentations from our boardroom sessions, including Paul Beacham’s discussion on connectivity solutions to ensure you are SD-WAN ready and Marc Timmermans’ talk on the shared journey towards convergence.

 And don’t forget, you can join in on the discussion on our LinkedIn page.

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  • Journey towards convergence

    Download the presentation used by Marc Timmermans as he discussed communication in an all-IP world.

    06/12/2018 pdf - 1.37 MB
  • Empowering the channel

    Get your hands on Paul Beacham’s presentation on our data product portfolio evolution.

    06/12/2018 pdf - 854 KB

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