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Guaranteed throughputs during the business day

Our Broadband Business Bundle ensures fast and reliable data connections

Now, more than ever, businesses depend upon rapid data connections. To achieve success in today’s competitive environments, these connections must also be extremely reliable. For instance, if your customers provide video conferencing or CCTV, it’s vital that the service isn’t interrupted by buffering. Similarly, businesses that use VoIP services mustn’t suffer from calls that cut in or out, or dropped connections.

Our new Broadband Business Bundle meets these needs. It provides guaranteed minimum throughputs during the business day (Mon – Fri, 8.00am to 5.00pm, excluding public holidays). These minimum throughputs are:

  • 10Mbps for Wholesale Broadband Connect Copper ADSL2+
  • 20Mbps for Wholesale Broadband Connect FTTC/FTTP.

Benefits for you

  • Our bundle will give you even more confidence in selling other solutions that rely on the connectivity, such as SIP Trunking, hosted solutions, cloud services, Centrex etc.
  • You can also offer our enhanced services that support business needs, knowing that we don’t cut costs at the expense of service and features.

Benefits for your customers

  • If we fail to meet the guaranteed throughputs for end users, we’ll provide a free Customer Premises Engineer visit to diagnose and help resolve any issues at their premises.
  • We’ll also provide compensation for the product features charges for that month.
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As you move to sell hosted communications, our hybrid service of Hosted Centrex and SIP Trunking provides the best of both worlds.

For more details on our bundle trial, take a look at our briefing, BB-3236-17. Please note you must be logged in to view it.

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Fast, high-quality broadband for your customers. More control and flexibility for you.

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Offer more speed, more flexibility, more coverage and more bandwidth. The future of broadband is here – simple, fast and secure.

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More power. More flexibility. Grow your business more quickly with super-fast fibre broadband from BT Wholesale.

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Offer your customers high-quality broadband solutions combined with excellent service, superb reliability and competitive pricing.

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