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Our new pay-as-you-go Bandwidth on demand service for ethernet products

Meet your customers’ needs and be more responsive to changes in their bandwidth demands

In a constantly changing environment, businesses need to be more agile and flexible. The industry demands faster provisioning and more in-life service changes. So companies need to adapt.

For some customers in today’s ethernet market, changing bandwidth speeds in response to demand is difficult, slow and expensive. That’s why we’re upgrading our Wholesale ethernet products with a new Bandwidth on demand service.

As part of our upgrade, customers can now change their etherflow on the spot in less than 10 minutes – or under 30 minutes for etherflow virtual local area networks (VLANs). The change only needs to stay in place for 24 hours, instead of 30 days. And the even better news is that for one annual fee, you can change your bandwidth speed as often as you need to. A significant upgrade from the every change being chargeable.

Key benefits for you

  • The right solution at the right time. Our Bandwidth on demand service helps you offer your customers a commercial solution that will put you back in control, satisfy their changing needs and ultimately increase their lifetime value.

  • Happy customers. Our solution helps you to be more responsive to their changing connectivity needs, satisfying the demand for variations in bandwidth at different times.

  • A competitive offering. You can now stand out from your competitors by providing a value-added ethernet product that protects your ethernet customer base while giving you inroads into the on-demand world of networking.

Key benefits for your customers

  • It’s cost effective. Our prices are highly competitive. A single fee covers all changes over a 12-month period and pay-as-you-go billing means your customers only pay for increased bandwidth for as long as they need it (as little as 24 hours). This all leads to a lower total cost.

  • It helps them plan. Our solution helps your customers prepare in advance for planned events. They can also react quickly to unplanned events that need a temporary surge in bandwidth without being deterred by cost or contractual limits.

  • It’s fast. It takes us less than 10 minutes to upgrade or downgrade our customer bandwidth speeds. That’s market leading.
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