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A more efficient and streamlined wayleave process

Wayleaves are legal agreements that enable a Service Provider to have the right of way over a landowner’s property (e.g. for putting up telegraph poles or laying cables). The process of completing a wayleave successfully can be very lengthy and complex, involving a wide array of stakeholders.

BT Wholesale Managed Services has therefore teamed up with Cluttons, the property consultancy, to develop a more streamlined approach.

A faster, simpler process

The new Managed Wayleave process makes life easier for Service Providers through a three-pronged approach:

  • A single point of contact for each element of the process
  • Improvements at every intervention stage
  • The identification and resolution of issues that cause delays

Benefits for your customers

Call centre worker on the phone

A faster, easier and more cost-effective process, as we manage everything

Man taking a photo on his phone in the countryside

 Better problem resolution and fewer costly failures

Greater efficiency, as wayleaves are signed more quickly and more can be processed each year

Our new approach can be seen from the dramatic results

  • 75% reduction in the number of failures
  • 57% reduction in the average time to sign a wayleave
  • 70% reduction in the average customer delay

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