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What Wholesale Optical can do for you

From the lowest latency around to national coverage, Wholesale Optical offers everything you and your customers need to maintain a perfect connection. 

Adapt as you and your customers grow

We have the widest range of 10Gb access options and flexible bandwidth options over 10Gb. And up to 200Gb with Wholesale Optical. That’s choice and scalability you can pass on to your customers in these ever-changing times. 


Wholesale Optical is our national, point-to-point, high bandwidth connection, that is dedicated to and designed for you and your customers. It’s completely tailored, from the route through our network, to the levels of resilience baked in. So it can adapt with you and your customers as you both grow.

Extend your reach. And be where your customers are

Our comprehensive national network of optical fibre routes and diverse routing options mean we can deliver high bandwidth connectivity to any part of the country. And so can you.


That’s because our UK network includes 132 access aggregation nodes, 24 third-party data centres just for optical – growing to 33 by the end of 2020, and 8 cable/satellite landing stations (for onward international traffic). And we’re doubling our Ethernet network reach in 2020 by increasing our Tier 1 nodes to more than 100. While our expanding on-net capability means we can connect you and your customers easier.

Guarantee peak business performance

Give your customers a dedicated route through our 21C network, so they can enjoy connectivity that will never be compromised by sharing or contention.

Optical offers the lowest latency of any connectivity type, delivering near zero jitter and no packet loss. Combined with the exceptional resilience that comes from our core network, your customers can run business-critical apps and real-time services with seamless continuity.

And with a proven bandwidth of 3Tbps per fibre, you can be assured we have the capacity to help your customers embrace new opportunities with confidence.

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