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When it comes down to it, you want to get your ethernet fast and at a good price. That’s where our ‘rolls-off-the-tongue’ single order generic ethernet access, or SoGEA, comes in. It’s our entry-level ethernet service that’s as good as it was before. But now it comes with easy ordering, less complications and better pricing. What more could you want?

It’s fine without the PSTN line

With SoGEA, we’ve improved the order journey. Now it just takes one order, meaning you can get your ethernet set up and running for your customers simpler and quicker than before. Gone is the process of having to make two orders, one for PSTN and once installed, a further ethernet order.

What’s so good about SoGEA?

Great ethernet at great prices.

On top of the fact that you can get GEA quicker and via a simpler service experience SoGEA is also approximately 30 per cent cheaper than our GEA-FTTC. With only one order to manage, you can deliver connectivity to your customers fast, improving customer experience and enabling you to generate revenue quicker too.

The network of the future.

Our ethernet services are built on our network of the future. You can take advantage of our investments and innovation, a quicker order journey that will realise cash quicker and our plans for SoGEA coverage expansion.

Making it easier to work with us.

Part of our ongoing journey is for it to be simple when we work together. That’s why we invest in our network, why we look to the future and look to solutions that are easy and beneficial to use. That’s why we have SoGEA.

Same but better.

SoGEA is still the same GEA service which includes the existing flexibility that you can support asymmetric bandwidths within the same fixed price structure. It just now comes in a single order that saves time, money and effort.

Keep up to date with SoGEA

Then check out our extra special SoGEA Sales Tools page, which we’ll continue to update with the latest news.

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