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Reduced Wholesale Ethernet prices

We’re extending the price reductions on BT Wholesale Ethernet, including a special three-year Ethernet pricing option, next-generation fibre (GEA) and high bandwidth services.

  • Special products, special prices

    There's never been a better time to provide your customers with top-quality Wholesale Ethernet solutions. Come to us for both carrier-grade connectivity and Ethernet solutions that help you to save money and sell more.

Six month extension on our Ethernet pricing options

Special Ethernet pricing option

An alternative pricing option for Etherway Fibre

The offer:

•  A special three-year deal that will save you £1,100.

The initial connection charge of £2,500 is more than offset by a discount of £1,200 per year on the normal in-line rental charge. This produces a total saving of £1,100 over three years.

What's more, for circuits that are eligible for the Government Connected Cities programme, you can claim back up to £3,000 from the scheme. It's a great way of enjoying even more savings.

This pricing offer is available on new provide orders placed by 29th September 2016. To request it, you must enter the following special offer code in the customer reference field when placing your order: TERM3B (using this code means that you accept the Terms & Conditions).

Download the Terms and Conditions for this special offer.

Next-generation fibre (GEA)

The offer:

•  Special flat rate pricing.
•  A new price for a one-year total cost of ownership of £1,400 – a reduction of £511 or 26%.
•  A three-year deal total cost of ownership price of £3,500 – a reduction of £1,983 or 36%.

This pricing offer will run until 29th September 2016.

The benefits:

•  Ideal entry-level solutions – offer your customers the lowest cost access option available.
•  Stable and fast connectivity – with direct access into the heart of the BT Wholesale Ethernet network.
•  Latest technology – GEA uses Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) access, with speeds options of up to 40Mbps peak downstream, with 2Mbps upstream; 40Mbps downstream with 10Mbps upstream and 80Mbps downstream with 20Mbps upstream.
•  Wide availability – GEA is available in over 3320 exchanges.

To get a quote today, log in to our Pricing Tool to find out more.

That's not all…

We're also reducing the prices of our fibre Etherway and high bandwidth Etherflow. For 1Gb Etherway connection and rental we’re now offering a permanent price reduction.

Until 29th September 2016, we have special pricing offers on Etherflow Connected for 500Mb and 1Gb Etherflow.

So, if you really want to get your customer's attention, why not combine these special offers and benefit from a significant end-to-end price reduction on high-bandwidth Etherflows? And if you’re using a 10Gb data centre hub, you’ll have the added bonus of increased efficiency in supporting high bandwidth Etherflows of 500Mb and 1Gb.

If you're an existing customer, log in to our Pricing Tool to find out more.

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