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New BT Wholesale Ethernet developments

We're continually developing new ways of making the delivery of our Wholesale Ethernet solutions more predictable and more efficient. Find out about recent developments including the Ethernet B2B Gateway, Managed Install and Differentiated Order Journey (DOJ).

  • Wholesale Ethernet made easy

    We make life easier for you with changes such as seamless ordering, managed installations and a better delivery process. Our new developments will save you time, money and effort.

Simpler, clearer, faster ordering, delivery and installation

No more hassle

To provide you with excellent service levels, we continue to develop new solutions. These developments form part of our Wholesale Ethernet Evolution programme, with further enhancements coming soon. Recent developments include:

Ethernet B2B Gateway

With our Ethernet B2B Gateway, you'll no longer have to manually re-key your customers' orders onto the BT Wholesale system, and the whole process will be faster. With our single order gateway, information can be exchanged between businesses with ease. You’ll have full visibility and tracking of your customers' Ethernet orders and the order process will be improved and simplified.

• A single, seamless ordering portal – one system that supports orders end to end.
• Cost reduction – no re-keying of orders, less training and a lower headcount.
• Quicker speed to market – faster transaction times and a speedier service for your customers.
• Greater control – Keep Customer Informed (KCI) tracking falls into your system, allowing easy reference.

Managed Install

Our new Managed Install service manages the delivery and set-up of the Ethernet circuit for your customers – with the enabling of the Etherflow prior to the Etherway, which reduces the delivery time. All it takes is one engineer and a single visit (which also includes the installation of a pre-configured Cisco router).

• Cost savings – free up your resources for your business while we take care of everything else.
• Faster delivery – it takes just one engineer and one visit to get up and running.
• Happier customers – a quick service from a reliable provider will keep your customers sweet.

The service is currently in development, so if you are interested in joining the trial please contact your Account Manager.

Differentiated Order Journey (DOJ)

We’re taking our high-quality Wholesale Ethernet service to the next level by working closely with Openreach to create a Differentiated Order Journey (DOJ). This is currently being trialled in the North West of England and should run for three months.

Benefits that this new service should provide include:

• Better delivery – we’ll be able to provide you with a more predictable and efficient delivery.
• Better visibility – both you and your customers  will be able to see how your Wholesale Ethernet orders are being  progressed.

To learn more about DOJ and what it means for you, download our brochure, which shows the work undertaken, the aims of the trial and the potential benefits for you.

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