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Personal insight: A day in the life of Damian Fisher

As the Director of Transformation and Planning, we take a peek at Damian’s role in delivering major change to the business.

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Personal insight: A day in the life of Damian Fisher

By Damian Fisher

Director, Transformation and Planning


What have been your most recent career roles?

Since joining BT in 2007, I’ve worked in BT TV, Consumer, Retail CS, Operate and TSO. Before moving to BT Wholesale three years ago, my last role was leading the operational readiness work stream for BT Sport, which was hugely exciting and rewarding. All of my roles have focused on either operations, product delivery or service improvements, so I’ve certainly seen how the business works.

What are your current roles and responsibilities?

I’m responsible for defining and delivering major change into the business, our service teams and our customers. Some of this is generated by my team (Customer Experience Transformation) and our online strategy. Some is on behalf of the rest of the business - mainly the Product and Markets teams - via new product launches and delivering new deals.

What are your typical daily activities?

I’m involved in customer research, insight and strategy meetings, as well as product delivery meetings with product line, TSO, Customer Services and CPs (especially in HCS, Broadband, and Ethernet). I also have Customer Experience Transformation strategy and programme meetings and look at service improvement initiatives. Other regular activities include operational site visits and Learning and Development Profession Leadership for Project Management and Business Improvement.

What are the most enjoyable, challenging and frustrating aspects of the job?

I love the variety of my work and the people I meet. In any one day, I might go from looking at detailed customer insight and operational issues to reviewing our three-year customer experience and online strategy. I work with lots of different people across many areas of BT, so I get to see how things work end-to-end. I’ve also ended up building or changing many of the teams I’ve been responsible for, so working to develop people and recruit new people is something I really enjoy. 

In terms of challenges, there’s a huge focus on Customer Experience Transformation across the whole of the group at the moment and the changes we’re making will have a huge bearing on the UK telecoms industry. My goal is to turn us into a truly customer-orientated business so that we don’t need a Customer Experience Transformation programme, as it’s just the way we do business.

I get frustrated when people refer to other areas of the business as ‘they’ or ‘them’. It’s so easy to pick up the phone or go and meet people instead of dealing with them via IM, emails and conference calls. When you make the effort, you soon realise that we’re all trying to do the best we can and we all have our individual challenges to overcome. No line of business has it easy! I’d also love to be able to spend more face-to-face time with more of the people I work with but we’re very geographically widespread.

If you had a choice of any career or talent, what would it be?

Landscape photographer or something to do with cars - perhaps running my own classic car restoration business.  I’d love to speak French and Spanish and not be the English guy feeling awkward when I travel abroad!

Who would be your ideal dinner party guest?

I studied Art and Design and always wondered why the early modernists saw things so differently to everyone else. So, having a chat with Pablo Picasso or Le Corbusier might help me to be more creative at work!

How do you like to spend your leisure time?

When I’m not spending time with my wife, daughter and son, I enjoy long-distance running and golf (if I have the time).

What would you like to do or where would you like to go when you eventually retire?

I’d split my time between England in the summer and the tropics in the winter, so that I can avoid the cold and the long dark days.

If you were granted one wish that could come true, what would it be?

To change the weather in the UK so that it’s warmer and drier! I’d then be able to spend more time outdoors with my children and playing more golf!

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