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The online experience just gets better and better

We promised to keep continuing to improve our website – and we are!

We recently embarked upon a major project to improve your online experience – and we’ve just completed a second wave of improvements. In the first wave, we made our website more user-friendly. So, it now has a radical new design, new photographs and, most importantly, new functionalities. Here’s a summary of that initial raft of changes:

1. We made it easier to find information

You said that it was sometimes difficult to find some of the information you needed, as it was in too many different places.

  • Information - we made it easier to access information, tools and applications, using My BT Wholesale, which has three main sections: Business Zone, My Apps and Briefings. Our Go To Marketsection evolved into Sales Tools, packed with useful sales resources, white label information and end user messages.
  • Content – we reviewed, revised and updated all of the site’s content so that it’s relevant and easier to find and use.
  • Searches – we introduced a much smarter search facility that enables you to find information quickly and easily, including secure content. You can also refine and filter your search.

2. We made it easier to do business with us

You told us that doing business with us online could be frustrating. We therefore streamlined the whole process.

  • My BT Wholesale – on Business Zone, you can see all of your orders, faults, inventory and status updates, carry out online transactions and see Planned Outages. With Quick View you can manage all of your broadband products, use eChat and raise escalations.
  • Billing – it’s now easier to find our electronic billing facility: you can log in directly to eBilling.

3. New A to Z Guide

To give you a quick overview of all of the improvements, we launched a new guide.

Try out the A to Z guide!

4. New video

You can see also a summary of the changes we’ve made in our new, short video.

The latest developments

In line with our commitment to make continuous improvements, we recently launched a second wave of changes, focusing mainly on orders:

  • Enhanced Ethernet Order Journey. We’ve been trialling a new improved way to order Wholesale Ethernet. So far the feedback has been extremely positive. If you’re interested in taking part, please contact your account manager.
  • Broadband orders. You can now use eChat to talk to an agent when placing or querying a Broadband Order. Prior to the chat, you can see the latest status of an order so you’re fully up to date on progress and next steps, saving you time. We’ve also created new eChat landing pages with better links.
  • Hosted Communications Services orders. We‘ve made ordering much easier for the following products in our HCS portfolio: Wholesale Hosted Centrex; Wholesale SIP Trunking; Avaya Cloud Solutions; Number Import (single and multi-line); and Hosted Contact Centres. We’ve updated the pages, and introduced new navigation buttons and icons that highlight key messages.

If you have any ideas for further improvements, please let us know.

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