Check out these Ethernet enhancements!
We've made improvements to our Pricing Tool and online ordering system and we've launched a Looping Tool

Here are three key areas where we've made significant changes that will help you when ordering or using Wholesale Ethernet:

New Pricing Tool features

The latest version (v5) of our Pricing Tool API (Application Programme Interface) is packed with a host of exciting new features. These include:

  • Data Centre Connect
  • Our new OSA 10Gb access option
  • High-bandwidth (1.5, 2.0 and 2.5Gb) Etherflow VLANs
  • Indicative data (e.g. Indicative Excess Construction Charges / Order Categories)
  • CPE quoting
  • Router bundles
  • On-net fibre locations for Central London Area

And to help you understand more about them, we've produced a handy A to Z Guide.

Test yourself with our new Looping Tool

You can now access our remote Ethernet Looping Tool via Eco Plus. This tool enables you to loop Ethernet services prior to generating a fault ticket into BT.

This new initiative is a direct response to customer feedback – in recent surveys, you've told us that you need a more efficient method for testing yourselves. We are very keen to keep developing smarter working methods so that we can reduce any customer-related faults and allow you to prove faults off your own network. This tool enables you to check the entire circuit, from the B-end and A-end connections.

A growing number of Ethernet circuits are being looped via the new tool, so why not try it out for yourself? You can access it via your Eco Plus login.

The quick new route for ordering Ethernet

The new online order journey for Fibre Ethernet products makes ordering faster than ever – it now takes just 10 minutes, compared with 40 minutes previously.

The new process replaces Eco Plus and can only be accessed via Business Zone. It's an easier and more intuitive process, with fewer pages to navigate - and it also includes pre-populated options to speed things up even more.

The enhanced online ordering can be used for a range of single and combined Ethernet solutions.

To find out more – and to access the informative User Guide and videos, click here.