We're going on-net in data centres nationwide
Expanding our Ethernet and Optical network connectivity footprint

Our on-net Wholesale Ethernet and Optical infrastructure is now expanding into data centres and key locations throughout the UK.

We're currently bringing our Wholesale Ethernet and Optical infrastructure on-net for BT connectivity services. This new expansion programme has already started, with a range of nodes going live – and this will continue over the next six months. Others will follow shortly – but we'll keep you informed about any activity.

Our aim is to provide an on-net Ethernet access capability in about 60 of the largest data centres across the UK. A number of these data centres will also be brought on-net for our high-bandwidth Wholesale Optical portfolio.

So why are we doing this? The new data centre capabilities will provide more cost-effective network connectivity and better service resilience, and the delivery of connectivity services will also be faster. As well as significantly lower access costs, you will enjoy further benefits from our investment in our highly resilient 21st century core and backhaul networks that support our connectivity portfolio.