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Working with us is easy

Everything you need to know in one handy document

What have we done?

We’re constantly coming up with ways to improve the experience you have when working with us. Whether it’s enhancing our online experience or streamlining our billing processes, our mission is to make it easier for you do to business with us.

Which is why we created our ultimate guide to BT Wholesale for you to use.

How does it work?

Our ‘making it easier to do business with us’ document is fully interactive. Need to know more about Fibre Broadband or perhaps you want assistance setting up Business Zone? Then simply click on the links in the document to go straight to the relevant section.

Each area contains all the information you need to work with us. All the links will take you to the right place and we’ve made special care to describe in detail how to access our documents.

Another great thing. It’s free.

Download it today.

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