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Debunking the myths of FTTP

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is on track to reach three million homes by 2020. But don’t believe all the hype. Host of ISP Forum and general manager of BT Wholesale, Simon Brisbourne, goes myth busting.


On-demand economy blog

Our head of data portfolio management at BT Wholesale, Paul Beacham, wants to help comms resellers grow and feed bandwidth-hungry companies. Here’s what he has to say.


Broadband blog – November 2018

An update on everything you need to know about Broadband this month.

You asked, we listened

We’re focusing our R&D efforts on what you need to succeed

By Alex Tempest, managing director of Wholesale at BT

Looking to the future

What’s driving us to challenge the status quo in our industry?

By Alex Tempest, managing director of Wholesale at BT


Bottle glass, glass bottle

Virtualisation is not a magic trick. It’s a key strategy to deliver flexibility to customers but needs fast and reliable connectivity to reach its potential

Hosted Communications

Driving your business forward

Using today’s technology for tomorrow.


We’re announcing some exciting improvements to our ethernet services

From enhancements to our pricing capability to updates on Single Order GEA, we’ve been busy. Here’s what we’ve been up to.


Not all connectivity solutions are equal

Keeping customers happy goes beyond price. Find out how you can give them an experience they’ll remember.


Getting ready for 5G?

Five things to think about now
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