It’s been a busy year and as we reach the halfway point we wanted to
share with you our latest and greatest news and achievements.

WHC has got a new meaning

You can now take up Hosted Centrex and SIP Trunking in one hybrid solution.

A day in the life of Michael Gauterin

Find out how many degrees our Managing Director of BT Supply Chain has and what his dream job would be (if he didn’t have his already dream job with us).

Get up to speed on M2M

Up to date with Machine to Machine? We can run it by you in less than 90 seconds.

A more streamlined wayleave process

We’ve streamlined our wayleave process to save you time and money in what was a long, complex process. We’ve also got a special pricing offer running to the end of the month.

Improving the supply chain

Meet Dave the Engineer, our representative from Pelipod and discover how we can improve the efficiencies and cut costs on the supply chain.