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Outstanding new call features

Smarter handling of inbound calls

Our Wholesale Intelligent Call Services (ICS) present end users with a wide variety of advanced features, statistics and analysis – all accessed and controlled via an intuitive portal.

ICS complements and extends BT Wholesale’s existing Hosted Communications Services portfolio by making high-value features from the cloud available on a simple Pay As You Go basis. Customers of all sizes can use ICS to take complete control over their inbound call traffic; whether via more efficient call routing, or through network call handling with self-service IVR applications.

Key features

One of the main features is the intuitive, multi-tiered portal that enables end users to configure their services simply and quickly, taking the pressure off you. Other features include:

  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This includes digit capture, database integration, intelligent routing and payment capture.
  • Call Recording. With ICS, end users can take advantage of network call recording and storage, access and search, and call transcriptions.
  • Call Queuing. Our solution offers large-scale call queuing, elastic scalability, music on hold, and overflow options.
  • Live wallboards. These provide live information, and scheduled and historic reports.
  • Unparalleled number portability. We have agreements with all UK carriers.

Benefits for you

These include:

  • Versatility. This is a white-label solution that supports reseller, sub-reseller and end user self-service portals.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Our advanced features are high quality yet affordable, and we use simple pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Support. We provide excellent after-sales support (e.g. individual training, a technical helpdesk and efficient maintenance).
  • New opportunities. ICS can also be combined with other products in our portfolio to create extra value. This enables you to develop a range of exciting product bundles.
  • Peace of mind. Our solution is backed by our reliable and resilient network, which offers in excess of 99.995% availability and enjoys 24x7 support.

Benefits for your customers

  • Increased effectiveness. ICS ensures that your customers’ inbound calls are handled quickly and effectively, so they don’t lose business due to unanswered calls.
  • Greater efficiency. Automated call handling avoids over-staffing at call centres that are dealing with high call volumes.
  • More flexibility. Users are able to monitor their services and make instant adjustments, adding or reducing capacity as needed.
  • More features. ICS has a lot of sophisticated functions that were previously out of the reach of many businesses.
  • A better service. Better call handling leads to greatly enhanced customer service levels.
  • A better experience. ICS enables end users to appear excellent in terms of their call management capabilities, as well as providing a better customer experience.

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