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Are you Future Ready?

Step into tomorrow’s office, today

Working patterns have changed enormously over the last 10 years, but there are even bigger changes coming – tomorrow’s office will be dominated by new communications technology, and in many cases there won’t be an office at all.


What the future looks like

The way we work is already undergoing a fundamental change. Commuting to open-plan offices and a meetings-based work model present serious obstacles to productivity for many people. And an increasingly dispersed workforce and project based work are driving more collaboration and interaction than ever before.


Email, Skype for business, audio conferences, screensharing, webinars, live chat, instant messaging and social media are all daily tools – arguably overtaking face-to-face meetings. The ability to collaborate with people instantly online, wherever in the world they’re located, will be a major part of future working.


All this is happening beyond the office too. Whether for reasons of productivity or practicality, more people are working from home, while travelling, or in ‘third-place’ locations like coffee shops, making secure, reliable cloud-based email a necessity for almost any organisation.


To enable this increasingly flexible approach, more of your customers’ employees will need to carry the office with them in the cloud. Smartphones, tablets and laptop use will overtake desktop PCs as mobility becomes business-critical.


What you need to do to embrace this future

These new working trends represent an enormous opportunity for resellers. The agile, mobility-friendly, collaboration-focused work of the future is underpinned by cloud-based communications technology – all of which you can offer.


It will be up to you to communicate with customers about these new working trends; some will already be putting them into practice, whereas others will be slower to embrace them and evolve their business model.


Just as importantly, it will be essential to explain to customers that future trends will inevitably see some legacy communications solutions become redundant. This puts the onus on you to support customers in the wisest investment decisions for the future.


Why BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale is ready for this future. We’ve made heavy investments in world-class infrastructure and equipment, such as our industry-leading 21C network, to offer real reliability and resilience. We’re also continuously investing in training so our people can keep you up to speed with the latest evolutions in technology. Our online portals provide invaluable, accessible information for customers to help understand the impact of future trends. And we provide 24/7 support.


This is why BT Wholesale is a market leader in business-grade, future-focused communications
– and why there’s no better partner to guide you and your customers into the future.


The products to enable the future

BT Wholesale’s hosted communications services enable any business to access previously large business-grade solutions, including cloud voice technology. Hosted Centrex, for example, is a roadmap towards unified communications, enabling richer communication and sharing in a scalable, affordable business-quality package.


Data connectivity services will be a key proposition as the most significant working tools will rely on faster speeds from bigger pipes. The potential solutions for customers range from VPNs that enable cloud-based platforms to Bring your own device (BYOD) compatibility.


Overall, what matters most to end-users will be increased speed, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, connectivity and robustness. BT Wholesale offers a wide portfolio of data connectivity options that can support the working models of the future, meeting all customers’ criteria – those options include ethernet, fibre, broadband and optical.


To find out more about how BT Wholesale can help you become future ready contact our sales team.