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Are you Future Ready?

Are you ready for the rise of the coffice?

Working away from the office is becoming the norm, and the ability to work anywhere is giving rise to the ‘coffice’ – places like coffee shops where workers can be connected and productive.


What the future looks like

The near future will see the role of the traditional office demoted. As larger offices get increasingly crowded, and competition for hot-desking space intensifies, more employees are finding other places to get work done. Large offices are expensive too, and cost-conscious organisations will be looking to reduce their property outgoings.


These growing trends are giving rise to the ‘coffice’ – spaces where people can sit down, sip their flat white and work productively. In the ‘coffice’ model, video calls via Skype for Business, WhatsApp or Facebook are displacing face-to-face meetings, and more companies are providing their employees with laptops and tablets to support them. Fixed line and mobile are converging. This inevitably raises concerns about device and network security in the ‘coffice’.


What you need to do to embrace this future

Enabling the ‘coffice’ work model requires secure, organisation-wide cloud solutions – but many companies have yet to make the investment towards it.


The need for ‘available anywhere’ cloud-based solutions based on secure, robust networks presents a huge opportunity for resellers. For example, email is business critical to almost every organisation imaginable; with employees constantly mobile, a secure, reliable cloud-based email service is indispensable.


These trends are visible today, particularly among SMEs and startups, but even big companies are starting to be reorganised around the idea of virtual teaming. It’s up to you to catch this trend early and support small organisations as they grow. At the same time there is an opportunity to help your bigger customers make the transition to ‘coffice’ working as they look to lower their property costs.


Why BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale is ready for this future. We’ve made heavy investments in world-class infrastructure and equipment, such as our industry-leading 21C network, to offer real reliability and resilience. The technology we’re continuing to roll out is ready for the connection demands of this dispersed, mobile workforce. We also have the product portfolio ready to sell cloud-based mobile working solutions to your customers: we can offer organisations of all sizes access to scalable, business-grade solutions that previously would only have been viable for the biggest businesses.


This is why BT Wholesale is a market leader in business-grade, future-focused communications – and why there’s no better partner to guide you and your customers into the future.


The products to enable the future

Hosted Centrex is a roadmap towards unified communications that supports ‘coffice’ working. It unifies voice, presence and hosted tools such as email, audio conferences, Skype for Business, screensharing, webinars, instant messaging and social media. It enables richer communication, the vast potential of sharing documents and links in a business-quality package, and a high quality, cloud-based platform that is accessible anywhere. It can be expanded easily and with monthly and PAYG options it’s also highly flexible to customer needs.


IP Exchange (IPX) bridges the gap between legacy and next-generation networks, and enables customers to take full advantage of IP voice, to integrate traditional voice services and new multimedia services like HD voice and video. It allows customers to route national, international, non-geographic, mobile and freephone calls in and out of their networks – and yet it’s simple and affordable, and can be scaled up or down to control costs.


To find out more about how BT Wholesale can help you become future ready contact our sales team.