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Are you Future Ready?

Get set for the always-on customer

When does work stop? For many people it’s hard to know. The devices we love keep us online all the time, and as social media becomes a bigger part of business, work life is going to displace personal life even more.


What the future looks like

Work life and personal life are increasingly overlapping – and for many people, they’ve already fully merged.


There are several reasons. Most significantly, it’s the devices we’re carrying with us.


Mobiles, tablets and laptops are our constant companions, and they mean we’re almost permanently connected. And because the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is accelerating, people are receiving and replying to emails via personal and work mailboxes on the same device.


With many more people working away from the office, mobility is becoming the norm too. And with that mobility comes an expectation (though not always expressly acknowledged) that emails will be checked and answered outside the normal working day – driven in part by the globalisation of teams and project collaborators.


Our device-centric lives are changing consumer behaviour too: people want to be able to contact businesses 24/7. Customer service is increasingly migrating to social media, and contact centres need to be staffed round the clock.


This means that employees need only a secure connection to work – whenever, wherever. But it also demands a reinforced infrastructure and next-generation security to keep those devices online and protected. For customer service, contact centres will increasingly be based on multiple people working from home, with systems routing calls to those available to take them. 


What you need to do to embrace this future

Because the underpinnings of future business trends like this rely on communications, there is a huge opportunity here for resellers.


Investing in the leading secure network products and solutions is the first step, and the second is to reassure customers that the always-on demands of both customers and employees can be met. This can be done by offering a wide range of flexible solutions that support multiple, dispersed and mobile users and multiple types of device.


The key to the opportunity is enabling and derestricting end users in their working needs. 


Why BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale is ready for this future. We’ve made heavy investments in world-class infrastructure and equipment, such as our industry-leading 21C network, to offer real reliability and resilience. We’re also continuously investing in training so our people can keep you up to speed with the latest evolutions in technology. Our online portals provide invaluable, accessible information for customers to help understand the impact of future trends. And for resellers we provide 24/7 support.


Where BT Wholesale also excels is the experience and ability to deliver and support a new way of working where customer experience is the touchpoint that defines an organisation – or causes it to decline. We have decades of experience helping resellers build and maintain contact centres. And as working communications diversify, keeping multiple, dispersed employees securely connected wherever they go, we also have the resources to serve and support the new contact centre model built on many people working from home. We can even automatically route incoming calls to not only the people available, but also to the line they want to be reached on – whether mobile, work phone or home phone.


This is why BT Wholesale is the market leader in business-grade, future-focused communications – and why there’s no better partner to guide you and your customers into the future.


The products to enable the future

BT Wholesale’s hosted communications services enable any business to access previously large business-grade solutions, including VOIP and cloud voice technology. Hosted Centrex, for example, is a roadmap towards unified communications, enabling richer communication and sharing in a scalable, affordable business-quality package.


Data connectivity services will be a key proposition, from VPNs that enable cloudbased platforms to Bring your own device (BYOD) compatibility. BT Wholesale offers a wide portfolio of other data connectivity options too – including ethernet, fibre, broadband and optical.


To find out more about how BT Wholesale can help you become future ready contact our sales team.