Changes to orders, contracts and the Pricing Tool API
The latest enhancements to our Ethernet services

Recent changes that have taken place include:

  1. Ordering changes via Business Zone
    Ordering Ethernet solutions online is now even quicker than ever, with many common fields on the form having been pre-populated. Key changes over the past few months have included:

      The ability to order Ethernet Copper (EFM) as a standalone product or as part of Bundle 12 (one Etherway Copper access and one Etherflow Connected)

      More guidance on the search references you can use in the Etherway/Etherflow provide journey

      A comprehensive guide to using the features on Business Zone and a new ‘My BT Wholesale – help’ page

      The ability to use Business Zone to amend details of your Etherway Fibre, Etherflow Connect and corresponding bundle provide orders

      The ability to use Business Zone to modify your Etherflow service or details and attributes of your Etherway Fibre and Copper service; or to cease Etherway Fibre and Copper and Etherflow Connected services

  2. Changes to contract terms
    As part of our ‘contract platinumisation’, we’ve now created a standard set of General Terms for BT Wholesale Ethernet. These will eventually apply to many of our products. Service-specific schedules are being drafted using clear language that describes what we’ll deliver and when.

    To find out more, please click here.
  3. Upgrade to the latest version of the Pricing Tool API
    We’ve made further improvements to our Ethernet Pricing Tool API recently, including data feeds that will help to reduce delivery timescales and costs. The tool provides a quick and easy way of obtaining quotes across most variants of the Ethernet portfolio. You can explore the various features and benefits of version 5 of the API tool in our handy A to Z Guide.

    If you want to benefit from the latest features of our Pricing Tool API, please upgrade as soon as possible. Just visit the PEM section of the A to Z guide for details.

    Meanwhile, if you want to keep up to date with other developments in BT Wholesale Data Services, follow our LinkedIn page.