Take advantage of these new offers
A raft of new price changes introduced for limited periods

On 1st April, we introduced a raft of Ethernet price changes, including some significant offers on connection charge reductions for new Etherway orders. The new offers are:

  • Reduction in the 100Mb Etherway connection charge. This is a special offer for nine months – lasting from 1st April until 4:00pm on 29th December 2017
  • Reduction in the 1Gb Etherway connection charge. This special offer lasts for six months – from 1st April until 4:00pm on 29th September 2017
  • Reductions in Fibre Etherway rental charges. This applies to 100Mb and 1Gb Etherway Fibre Diverse and Diverse Plus and Etherway Protected resilient variants

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