Dig a little deeper – with our latest blogs
Find out how to satisfy SMEs and also about our G.fast pilot

We've just published two new blogs, one on Ethernet solutions and one on broadband:

1. SMEs - keeping the customer satisfied

John Kiernan takes a closer look at the specific communications needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and how providers can use this information to raise customer satisfaction levels.

He starts by taking a look at the results of a recent Ofcom survey, which suggests that two critical areas for SMEs are the speed and reliability of their communications services.

John then turns his attention to the specific issues that tend to make businesses happy or unhappy. One important area is the need for providers to have good information and tools on their websites.

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2. G.fast – BT Wholesale is raring to go

We're hyped up and ready for the 2017 pilot of G.fast, which aims to push the boundaries of Internet speed and performance.

The blog looks at the past, present and future of the project. This new initiative has already gone through successful trials, with broadband speeds of 300Mbps or more, and upload speeds of 50Mbps.

The blog also examines the potential benefits for resellers, as this new scheme promises to meet the increasing customer demand for greater speeds and bandwidth.

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