Meeting your changing connectivity needs
We’re bringing our Ethernet and Optical infrastructure on-net

Business needs are changing – through a desire to simplify operations; through a need to reduce costs; and through the advent of new technologies (including cloud-based solutions). This has brought with it a corresponding need for more storage and more bandwidth.

We’ve therefore developed an exciting expansion programme based around the UK’s major data centres and other key locations, so that our Wholesale Ethernet and Optical infrastructure can be brought on-net for BT network connectivity services.

As a result, users will benefit from the faster delivery of connectivity services, more cost-effective network connectivity, and increased service resilience. They can extend their networks into our on-net data centres; take advantage of cloud-based services, applications and storage; and can back up business-critical data in real time.

This in turn leads to new opportunities for resellers and for data centre or cloud providers. To find out more, please click here.

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