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Bundling - Offer the perfect package

You need to keep your customers happy with convenient, accessible solutions.
With bundles from BT Wholesale you will have all the communication services you need to get business done.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    Your customers will look up to you when you offer them cost-effective solutions all from one place. Build on your connectivity offering and really make a name for yourself.

  • Convenience for your customer

    We incorporate the very best in voice and data communications, so your customers can get what they want in one easy-to-use solution.

  • Add as you go

    Make the solution that’s right for you and your customer by adding or removing services as you go. More info at the bottom of this page!

Comprehensive offers

Get a complete solution ideal for your customers at an affordable price.

Cross-selling opportunities

Move into selling new data or hosted services with ease.

Massive choice

We have a wide portfolio for you to choose from, so select and manage the ideal solution.

Bundled solutions to maximise success

How did we do?

We’ve been focusing on the benefits of product bundling and how they can help you stand out from the competition and position yourself as an invaluable supplier to your customers. A range of material has been available over the last few weeks, but has it helped? We really value your feedback and would appreciate it if you could complete our questionnaire below.

There you will also find our ready-made email and presentation available to download, as well as the relevant product pages.

Exploring business themes

You can also navigate to our other business themes – click here to see more about Connectivity and Collaboration and click here to learn about Business Continuity and Demand Management.

Why bundling?

Your customers need solutions that are convenient, simple to use and easy to integrate into their existing systems. This saves them time, money and effort to get their voice and data from the same supplier. By providing the right solution that meets all their needs you demonstrate to your customers that you’ve got what it takes to be their main supplier.

Our solutions and how they can help

Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC). With our fast, high-performance broadband you can have complete control over a portfolio of new broadband services. We have access options ranging from up to 90Mbps (FTTC) and up to 330Mbps (FTTP), offer real-time quality of service and boast extra bandwidth. All of this helps your customers use advanced data services such as video streaming and hosted cloud communications.

IT Services. Your customers won’t be able to succeed without robust IT services. We can tailor make them to meet your customers’ needs. With bespoke IT solutions available, you can use our ‘pick and mix’ services to help your customer as and when they need them. We have a wide range available incorporating handsets and apparatus, management and security, end user computing and much more.

Managed Network Services. Bringing together the best in IT and world-class partnerships, we can help you and your customers keep pace with change. Without the need for costly investment, you can utilise our Managed Network Services, including wireless services, white-label solutions, field services and much more to help face any challenges head on. We’ve got the technology, the people and the expertise to take you and your customers forward towards converged communications.

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