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A Wholesale Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching, we take a look at some of the projects we’ve been working on in recent months and also look forward with anticipating to next year.

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A Wholesale Christmas

Fun, festivities and looking forward to the year ahead

By the BT Wholesale Elf

If, like me, you’re working this Christmas period, there are only so many thumbs you can twiddle (and for some reason people object when you reach over and twiddle theirs), YouTube videos to watch and Wikipedia pages to read. But surely you’ve had that moment where you’ve found an article that is just too good not to read. It’s too good to just breeze through it. You need to concentrate. Which means making sure you’ve got your warm beverage ready in one hand and your mouse (or table touching finger) at the ready – it’s going to be something you enjoy reading and you’ll come away smiling yet filled with knowledge you didn’t previously have.

And today. This is that article.


When it comes to writing about BT Wholesale we don’t often get to sound glamorous. We don’t exude sexiness, well unless Ethernet in the First Mile is your thing, which means we do miss out on a lot of the fun things. But with the serious details, whoa, that’s a completely different kettle of fish. When it comes to knowing our stuff, our team of hundreds really do know everything. And I mean everything. Sure, the Christmas party might not be totally filled with riveting conversation but each and every one of us is put to use to make sure we excel in what we do.

What we’ve done in the lead up to Christmas

Where to begin? We haven’t just been brushing the mince pie crumbs off our festive jumpers, we’ve spent the last few months working on some big projects, and continue to do so. Here’s a quick run down:

Pricing offers. Forget about Black Friday, we’ve cut prices on things that can really make a difference. We’re continuing to offer reduced prices on our ‘any-to-any’ connectivity solution, E-LAN, giving you the chance to enjoy fast connectivity at low prices.

There’s been a big focus on hosted communications and not only do we offer industry-leading solutions, such as SIP Trunking and Wholesale Hosted Centrex, but we’ve got new Pay-As-You-Go and Pay Monthly pricing packages too.

Overcoming issues
. One of the biggest issues you might face this year is to have that extra piece of chocolate. To be selfish and take the last potato. Or to eat the annual obligatory brussel sprout without holding your nose. At BT Wholesale we can help you do that. Overcome issues that is. Unfortunately all our engineers are unavailable to help you eat sprouts. But we can help with more important issues which is what we did earlier in the year with our focus on current Business Themes. We looked at the issues surrounding connectivity, how you can meet your customers’ demands and how bundling can make you stand out from the crowd - why not take a look for yourself?

What to expect in the New Year

Other than the need to get on the treadmill? You can expect a lot of good things. Did you know we recently took some of our customers to Twickenham stadium (and given the chance they’d probably have done a better job than the England squad!)? We’ve also wined and dined some on top of the BT Tower. Well, not on top, that’d just be silly. And cold. But inside where they enjoyed an impressive view to top off an interesting evening.

So what have we got planned for 2016? A lot.  We’ve got a fair few events lined up and we’re also going to be focusing on really enhancing our product portfolio.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our new website. To raise awareness of the site and to help you to find all the little gems hidden within it, we’ll be running a special information blast over the first two or three months of 2016. This will provide you with lots of snippets of information that will help you to understand and use the site more effectively.

But until then, let’s just enjoy the festivities. And now you’ve finished this, there will surely be SOME cat videos you haven’t seen. If not, take a peek at our new website.

Alternatively, call your Account Manager if you’d like to know more about out latest offerings. Or you could really surprise them by just calling to wish them a Happy New Year!

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