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Meeting the challenges posed by 5G

Paving the way for a new era in communications, using higher volume of small cells.

BT Wholesale has been conducting research into small cells for the past five years. Small cells will play a vital role in the future uptake of 5G technologies. Industry experts predict that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) will need to densify their small cells by a factor of ten or more to achieve the data rates and quality improvements offered by 5G.

We have therefore produced a White Paper that explains some of the key challenges raised by 5G, focusing particularly on how small cells could help you to provide your customers with the bandwidth they want and expect. Click on the link opposite to read the White Paper.

As we’re at the leading edge of communications technology, we’ve developed a host of exciting solutions that will help you to refresh your network and enhance your capabilities.

And that means we’ve already prepared a game plan for helping you to take advantage of the exciting possibilities afforded by 5G – right from the start. We’ve written a blog that explains our latest thinking on this important topic.

For instance, consumers are wanting ever faster and more ubiquitous connectivity. We can help you to prepare for 5G – the next step in meeting these expectations. To find out how, click on the link opposite and see our handy 5G infographic

With BT Wholesale, MNOs can explore and enjoy all of the solutions and support they need for future success:

  • We have a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of the many different business needs of MNOs.
  • Our services include the planning, acquisition, build, deployment, management, maintenance and optimisation of MNO networks.
  • Now you can take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and extensive resources – as well as the excellent levels of support we provide.

We’re still at the leading edge of communications technology and we’ve developed a host of exciting solutions that will help you to refresh your network and enhance your capabilities.

Our versatile MNO solutions have been designed specifically to help you to meet changing customer demands. They cover areas such as:

     -  Next generation access
     -  Small cells
     -  Sites and Assets
     -  Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN)
     -  Data Centres
     -  Rapid Response Vehicles and Continuity
     -  Professional Services
     -  Managed Transmission Deployment
     -  Retail stores

To find out more about our solutions, take a look at our new eBook. It’s clear and easy to read. To download your copy, just click on the link opposite.

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