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Wholesale Hosted Centrex

Next-generation technology that takes you and your customers into the future, now. Increase your business opportunities with a complete unified communications service that's flexible and affordable.

  • Life just got a whole lot easier

    With our new, interactive guidebook which has everything you need to make it easier to do business with us. And we mean everything.

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  • Enter the UC market. Fast. With Wholesale Hosted Centrex

    Our white-label, low-risk solution is a great way for you to take your customers to cloud communications. As well as being a huge selling opportunity, you can now take advantage of our Pay-As-You-Go and Pay Monthly packages.

    Enjoy free UC on all plans!

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    Two great deals to save money and help you sell more.

  • Watch our video

    Learn more about our Wholesale Hosted Centrex solution.

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  • Take cloud communications to the next level

    Take advantage of a complete unified communications service and explore new business opportunities.

    Anytime, anywhere

    A white labelled service that meets your customers needs, so they can communicate anywhere on any device.

    The features of the cloud without the need for a PBX.

  • Step into the UC market

    Looking for a fast, low-risk entrance into the growing cloud communications market? WHC is the perfect opportunity to do so. Download our infographic to find out what makes it so special.

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  • A day in the life…with Wholesale Hosted Centrex

    See what it’s like for our office worker without Hosted Centrex. Then see what happens when it’s incorporated into their office. If you’re looking to improve business efficiency, this video may just ring true!

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    Hosted Centrex - A day in the life - Video

Advanced features

Give your customers the ability to work and communicate anywhere, on any device.

A complete solution

Address all of your customers' communications needs while also boosting your share of wallet.

Significant savings

Our hosted services can give cost savings of up to 60% compared with legacy kit and lines.

Strong, flexible unified communications

Open up new revenue streams

Wholesale Hosted Centrex (WHC) is our white-label unified communications service (UC) that you can tailor to your customers' needs. It  removes the need for a physical PBX and enables IP communication from the cloud, with all its features and benefits. For fast, low-risk entry into the rapidly growing UC market, our WHC service is all you need.

Benefits for you

Excellent returns – Our WHC service offers you a route to market that’s both very reliable and profitable compared with the eroding margins on traditional products.

Low risk cost control – As our service is hosted, you don't need to invest in expensive infrastructure or equipment.

Complete flexibility – Offer a complete UC package or pick components to create a unique proposition of your own.

Simple to use – Quick and easy to set up, manage and use, our service configures automatically and seamlessly integrates with existing communication tools.

Reassuring reliability – WHC runs on our highly resilient next-generation network with robust Service Level Agreements, so you can sell and serve with confidence.

Benefits for your customers

High performance – WHC is built on BroadSoft's market-leading Hosted UC platform, supported by our world-class, highly resilient network.

Cost savings – Calls between all users of the service are free of charge and calls to mobile and international numbers are considerably cheaper than usual.

Ease of use – The end user configuration portal makes it simple for customers to manage WHC features themselves, including  turning them on or off from any device.

See for yourself

Watch our short video below to see what else you can expect when you use Wholesale Hosted Centrex and how we’ve made processes simple. 

The power of Wholesale Hosted Centrex

WHC combines the market-leading BroadWorks Hosted UC platform with our high-quality, dedicated network to give you a strong, flexible communications solution to sell to your customers.

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