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Wholesale Fixed Line Text

An attractive addition to your service portfolio – Wholesale Fixed Line Text
extends SMS text messaging to fixed line phones so you can offer your
customers more choice and convenience.

Fast, fully-managed fixed line text messaging

Add value for your customers

Wholesale Fixed Line Text lets your customers send and receive SMS messages easily on their fixed line phone. It works even if they don’t have an SMS-enabled handset – they can still receive texts on a standard fixed line.

Taking texting above and beyond

With Wholesale Fixed Line Text, SMS messages originating on mobile networks such as O2, EE or Vodafone can be terminated on any UK fixed line. SMS-enabled handsets on Openreach, WLR3 and ISDN can send text messages to UK mobile or fixed lines.

Texts sent can include a combination of words, numbers and symbols. A single short message can be up to 160 characters long, using default GSM alphabet coding.

Benefits for you and your customers

Great sales potential – Wholesale Fixed Line Text not only makes a great addition to your service portfolio but it can also boost your network traffic and increase sales of SMS-enabled handsets.

Cost-effective – It's a fully managed service with no need for up-front investment in infrastructure or systems.

Easy to use – Your customers only need an SMS-enabled phone with Caller Display to use this service. Even without one they can still receive audio translations of texts, delivered by our unique text-to-speech (TTS) facility.

Wide compatibility – Wholesale Fixed Line Text works with all SMS-enabled phones and with our TTS facility, ordinary phones can be used to receive messages in audio format.

Sell with confidence – Wholesale Fixed Line Text is a high-quality solution that's proven to be reliable.

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