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Wholesale Calls

Offer your own high-quality branded telephone service - without
major upfront investment or high running costs. We handle the
calls so you can focus on business success.

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  • Deliver a top-quality telephone service

    Rebrand Wholesale Calls and offer your customers a fully managed, fully supported and fully maintained service.

  • Deliver a top-quality telephone service

    We’ll take care of you. With our Volume Discount Scheme you can enjoy competitive rates and we’ll provide great after-care such as sales support.

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Fully managed

Wholesale Calls is a fully managed service with excellent in-built support and maintenance.

Low cost

Enjoy low-risk entry to the telephony access market, with no need to build and maintain a network.

Attractive prices

Our Volume Discount Scheme gives competitive rates, based on your monthly spend commitment.

It's simple. You focus on selling. We'll do the rest.

Ready-made and reliable

Most businesses still rely on traditional telephone calls. Wholesale Calls is our white-labelled telephony solution, made for you to offer to your customers. Our service can be provided over any BT maintained line. Migration is quick and easy, regardless of the number of lines. We offer two Wholesale Calls options:

•    Wholesale Calls Line Independent – a 'calls only' service with no lines to maintain.
•    Wholesale Calls Line Associated – calls and lines combined.

Benefits for you

Complete control, full flexibility – You own the customer relationship, so you decide how to price and market the product.

Low cost, low risk – We’ve made the high quality investments in network and service, so that you can focus on what you and your customers need. With no major up-front costs, Wholesale Calls is the perfect entry-level telephony solution.

Effortless access – Place new customer orders easily via a user-friendly web portal.

Great after-care – You get excellent after-sales support, including training, a technical help-desk and efficient maintenance.

Grow your business – Engage new customers and introduce them to other great products, such as high-speed broadband and IP-based solutions.

Benefits for your customers

A simple choice – Your customers can’t lose with this proposition. No set-up fee, installation charge, new lines or equipment are needed. They won’t even need to change their telephone numbers.

A seamless transition – Your customers will get exactly the same high-quality service they've always had from BT.

Extensive features – A suite of call features and call barring options as standard.

Excellent reporting – Easy access to detailed call data.

High quality guarantee – Wholesale Calls uses our resilient, high-performance network, with excellent network availability.

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