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Wholesale SIP Trunking

Give your customers the perfect bridge from legacy to next-generation
communications with our easy, affordable route to IP Voice technology
of the future.

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  • New selling opportunities

    ISDN channels are yesterday's technology. The future of telephony and unified communications lies with SIP Trunking, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service.

  • New opportunities, new markets

    WSIPT is a more powerful and flexible replacement for ISDN30 and can cost between 30 to 50% less.

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Powerful flexibility

A fully scalable service suitable for any size of business. Use dynamic capacity for varying demand.

Significant savings

Your customers can save up to half the cost of ISDN30. Plus, there's no capital investment for you.

Reassuring reliability

A highly resilient and secure solution. Advanced business continuity features built in as standard.

A powerful step towards unified communications

New opportunities, new markets

Our Wholesale SIP Trunking (WSIPT) solution offers your customers all the benefits of next-generation voice technology, without having to replace their existing PBX and handsets. It's perfect for businesses that prefer a staged approach to unified communications. Our solution gives you risk-free entry into the SIP Trunking market.

Benefits for you

Selling power - WSIPT can open up new revenue streams: you can cross-sell lines, calls, access, equipment, apps and services.

Good margins – We offer competitive wholesale call rates and licences are available on a pay-as-you-grow basis, so you can build business profitably.

Easy deployment – WSIPT is fully self-service: you can set up services for your customers quickly and easily via a simple web interface.

Easy to scale – You can add or remove additional end-user licenses easily as your customers’ businesses grow.

Reassurance – WSIPT runs on our highly resilient next-generation network and is supported by strong Service Level Agreements.

Benefits for your customers

Cost savings – On-net calls are free, calls to mobile and international numbers are much cheaper and there are no upgrade costs for PBX features.

Impressive flexibility – Your customers can choose from three channel service types and WSIPT can be scaled to suit any type of business, from an SME to a large contact centre.

Ease of use – End users benefit from the power of the cloud while keeping their existing PBX and handsets.

Security and continuity – The service runs over a secure network and is certified to IS027001 for data security.

Reliability – WSIPT is an enterprise-grade solution, running on our world-class, highly resilient next-generation network. Certified to IS022301, it offers unrivalled call handling capacity of 5,000 channels and 50 calls per second on a single connection.

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