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Rapid Deployable Network

As the name suggests, you can help your customers get fast connectivity in an unconnected environment. By connecting them to your central network in locations with no wired access, you can help them get their business up and running when time is of the essence.

  • Fast connectivity, when your customers need it

    The name says it all – Rapid Deployable Network. When your customers need to get up and running quickly, you’ll be able to connect them to your main network and give them connectivity.

  • The power of M2M and quick connectivity

    In a world where devices are connected, it’s obvious then that connectivity is essential to business success. M2M allows you to enable your customers to connect their remote devices to your network. So if they need to connect quickly, you don’t want to disappoint. And now you won’t have to.

  • Extra fast with our 4G network

    With our fast 4G network and our efforts to connect you as soon as possible, your customers can get up and running at full speed.

  • Fast installation for any business

    Whatever the size of your customer, with our Rapid Deployable Network you can offer them a quick setup network and start generating traffic straight over the Internet.

  • A network that makes a difference

    You can put any worries that you may have about our network to rest. Not only is it run on our award-winning EE network, but we’re continuously monitoring it so you can concentrate on making your customers’ businesses run seamlessly.

Super-fast speeds

We use EE’s fast 4G network and can boost speeds with our high-gain mobile antenna.

M2M experience

We’ve got over a quarter of a century’s experience managing M2M solutions.

Plug in and
off you go

No technical knowledge needed – simply plug in and begin getting your customers connected.

Fast setup when it matters

There will be times that your customer needs quick Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity. It could be for construction work, a new business just setting up offices, or perhaps a pop-up retail outlet – whatever the situation, they need connectivity and they need it fast. With our Rapid Deployable Network you can offer them exactly that.

Our service enables you to connect your customer to our network from virtually anywhere and it doesn’t rely on a fixed wired link. Which is great as this could often cause delays and long lead times – with our help, you’ll be able to get your customers connected as soon as possible. It could be while they wait for their fixed line to be installed or maybe they just need short-term connectivity for a temporary location – whatever the situation, you can connect their devices from the get go.

The benefits of Rapid Deployable Network

 Super quick. And we mean it. Not only will your customers benefit from us connecting them as quick as we can but by using our ultra-fast 4G network, they’ll also have the speeds to match.

A great all-rounder. Our network can be used in multiple ways – permanent backup, temporary use or quick-start connectivity, giving you plenty of choice to offer to your customers.

Ideal for any sized business. Whether your customers are corporates or SMEs or anything in between, we’ll get them connected to our network, safely and securely.

We’ve got you covered. We have fail-safe backups to offer you and your customers high levels of resilience and SLA insurance to cover you if you get unexpected downtime.

When your customers need M2M connectivity from locations with no wired access, this is the service that offers fast speeds over 4G, greater coverage and excellent value for money. 

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