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An easy, low-cost solution

Explore new opportunities

Target new customers more cost-effectively without being limited by your mobile network coverage. RBS Backhaul enables you to increase your coverage across the UK. It’s similar to our Partial Private Circuits (PPCs) solution for fixed networks.

Key features

Our solution provides a backhaul network between your mobile switching centre and a cell site – with copper, fibre or radio options and bandwidths ranging from 128kbps to 2Mbps. It’s only available to mobile network operators in the UK who hold a GSM/2G or UMTS/3G licence.

There are three main components:

Point of Connection (PoC) – a high-capacity connection between your switching centre or network and the serving SDH node in the BT network. It’s supplied as a Customer Sited Connection (CSC) and is available at STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16.

Cell site connection – the connection between each of your cell sites and the nearest BT exchange via standard G.703 or X.21 interfaces. The cell site can also support multiple circuits if required.

Radio Base Station Backhaul circuit – the connection across the BT network between the PoC and the cell site. Available in bandwidths from 128kbit/s to 960kbit/s and at 2Mbit/s.

Benefits for you

 A low cost approach – extend your network reach without major set-up costs.

Reassuring reliability – it's highly resilient and secure: to provide service continuity, your circuits are automatically re-routed over alternate paths in BT’s core network.

Great versatility – our flexible service meets your needs through various bandwidth, security and network access configuration options.

Comprehensive support – our solution includes world-class support; the basic tariff includes our Enhanced Care maintenance package.

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